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  1. I really enjoyed and learned a lot. Im an aspiring boss babe myself and I'd love ya'll's support. I've just launched a product that's changed my relationship with my body, its called monthlyflo. If every babe in the comment section got themselves one ill be well on my way to be a proper boss babe.

  2. I love this video ! It gave me so much motivation & made me realize I’m really not trying as hard as I can. This was super helpful. Thank you ! I work a 9-5 office job & I want to do YouTube full time

  3. Just went and rewatched this video after a couple months. Love love love seeing relationships like this blossom from social media and being entrepreneurs! There is enough room for everyonneee at the top and i love that you guys share your knowledge with everyone!

  4. Amanda seems so mature for someone who's, what, 24? Humbling, at 24 I was side-hustling the wrong way — burning candles on both ends (working + side-hustling + hobbies… you gotta cut out hobbies from most of the week)…. and it was not really something I loved to begin with. All I learned in the end was how to procrastinate better, which I already was a pro at.

    EDIT: Reminds me, I still gotta work on my investment reports for tax season in a few months, LOL. (Think about a year's worth of data collection all done in 1 sitting).

  5. OMG you ladies are seriously two of my favorite girl bosses! I haven't been on youtube in a few months and I am now catching up/ binge watching all your videos. You are inspiring me to make 2018 my best year yet! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. i watched her videos whens she started with her fitness journey. and then i stumbled upon yours a while back, and its so crazy to see you guys collab and i love it. I have no interest in being an entrepreneur – I was an LVN for 4 years, and have been an RN for 4 years now, but I still love you guys for the fitness videos.

  7. what are your tips/advice for me: full time working mom, 5 kids (ages 5-17), I take 4 of them to school and pick them up while still working a full time job, luckily I'm able to work from home 2 days a week and at home after kids are out of school, but they need help with homework, need to make dinner for the family. Still need to make time to clean up, wash clothes, and read 15 minutes a night (for school/reading logs). I give everyone chores to do but to getting everyone to clean up is not always easy. AND… I want to become an event planner which I need to make time to study and finish my online classes to become certified and I'd love to start a vlog about my home makeover/declutter/minimalism journey.

  8. I love this video.. I love how honest they are.. most entrepreneurs sort of pushes you to end your job and career and jump into something that you want to do.. which we all know is not a realistic way to do… as Jordan mentioned we can start part time and go from there. Amazing video

  9. Jordan, I know you’re very successful so don’t take this criticism the wrong way, but in this video Amanda’s head angle is more direct and your’s is aimed too high. Best guess is that the monitor is higher than the camera and you were talking to the monitor and Amanda is talking to the camera.

  10. Random question but do you live near Temecula? I watched you Amanda's page so I watched your boss babe series. I saw you PO Box and see it's says Murrieta. I am new to YouTube so if your open to meeting up with me to help a local newbie I would love to get your advice.

  11. I'd be so down for the Boss babe bootcamp! When that comes into life I'd love to be a part of it! I loved this video and videos similar to this like your boss babe series because it gives me that motivation needed. 🙂

  12. Great video guys!! this was incredibly inspiring. i started doing YT regularly a little over 1 year ago and my biggest issue is when i watch other youtubers and theyre like "my YT life exploded" and im over here stuck at 200 subs. Its really discouraging but i try not to let it bother me. Videos like this help. I love that you guys said theres enough for everyone to be sucessful, it gives me hope 🙂 Keep up the good work ladies!

  13. Love this. I just recently got my real estate license and i'm trying to hustle to start up to get business. Hoping one day i can become a huge success and be able to provide for my family.

  14. I just watched both videos. Been watching you only for a couple months but just wanted to say you really help inspire me! I have a small YouTube channel and its always great to hear the stories and the things you share. Great collab 🙂

  15. Ahhhh my question was the first asked lol I got so excited!!!! Thank you for they great advice !!! I love your videos so so much. And my little boy watches the Vlogs with me and gets so excited when he sees Christian !!
    So pumped for this boss babe academy you’re talking about !! Love ya lots XOXO

  16. This inspires me so much. I am working towards getting my aesthetician license, and I want to open my own spa and then at some point once I have the money I want to open a gym and then do interior design on the side because at some point my businesses won’t need me physically there and I’d have the time.

    This video, is helping keeping me motivated. I sometimes think maybe I can’t do it all, but this just reinforces that I can and it’s scary but I can and I will.

  17. I was terrified of doing a YouTube channel. I am very very very shy, but I really wanted to do it and challenge myself. Now, I'm still a very small YouTuber, but what counts is that I didn't let my fear stop me of doing something I wanted to do. Part of that Jordan, was thanks to your boss babe videos.. ILY

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