Free Traffic Using Google+ Communities & Facebook Groups

Using G+ Communities and Facebook Groups to build rapport with new audiences.

In this video I cover:

* How to find large Google+ Communities

* How to know how many views an image posting is getting in a G+ Community

* How to find large Facebook Groups (starting about 10:20 into the video)

* How to make postings that add more value to the audience (that are digestible, delightful, useful)

* A point I made at the end of the video that is worth re-iterating here:

When you make a posting in a group or community, it’s good practice to comment positively on the postings of 2 other people. This keeps a great ratio that is scalable within the community — you will be modeling being a good member of the group!


What I wish I remembered to say in the video:

* Aim to post things in groups that are more “shareable” … that are likely to be re-shared. You can tell by looking at what kinds of postings others like & comment positively on in the group.

* It cannot be overstated the importance of using these techniques to make the group(s) you’re posting in better — of more true value and generosity — rather than contributing to the self-promotional nature (spam) of some groups. Always think: “if everyone in the group posted as I am about to, would it make the group more attractive to new members?” Then act in alignment with the answer 🙂


16 thoughts on “Free Traffic Using Google+ Communities & Facebook Groups”

  1. Great stuff George! What I see others suggesting is that you should add value to groups by answering questions. But the groups I've been a member of, I rarely see people asking questions. Your method of adding value is much simpler and easier to implement. I'm definitely going to give it a try!!!

  2. Awesome tips. Helpful tips to grow my community and facebook page.
    Now my community,my website and my facebook page are ghost town.
    Only me posting.

    Hope there will be a twist after following your tricks.
    Thanks @George Kao 

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