Frances: Phoenix’s Favorite Modern Boutique with Vintage Charm

Meet Georganne Bryant, the kind spirit and entrepreneur behind Frances, a unique boutique in Central Phoenix. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

As the daughter of an entrepreneur and artist, Georganne always had that creative, go-getter drive. In 2006, she opened up Frances, an artisan boutique featuring a hand-picked selection of clothing, home goods, knick-knacks and Georganne’s own homemade jewelry. Always evolving, she slowly added more goods to her shop, curating a collection of newer items like hand-painted greeting cards and screen-printed tees created by local makers and artists. Customers can even explore the shop’s “naughty cabinet” with spunky coffee mugs and other cheeky products. Georganne is also the founder of Crafeteria, an annual craft fair that gives local artists the chance to hang out with their community and showcase their talents. As Frances grew in popularity, Georganne knew she needed an online presence that grew with it. Her secure GoDaddy site allows her to take her boutique past the borders of Phoenix, selling her funky collection of goods to shoppers from coast to coast.

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