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Should You Write Nonfiction or Fiction?

Welcome to Second Drafts second Podcast with your hosts Jeremy McLean and Ethan James Clarke. In our second podcast we talk about Kindle Scout’s expansion internationally and the hopes that it will happen with other Amazon features, and debate on whether fiction or non-fiction is better to read and write.

There are many sides to the story on which is better to write. Fiction is difficult to get right, but can be very rewarding and lucrative as your name grows. Non-Fiction is often seen as better monetarily when you’re just starting out as a writer.

There’s also sometimes a stigma attached to fiction with it being made up stories. Some feel that there isn’t any merit to reading fiction and prefer non-fiction as it teaches you something useful or tells you about a real human experience.

There are also times when these two are mixed, known as creative non-fiction or gonzo journalism.

In the video we talk about all this and more.

01:05 What is Kindle Scout?
03:30 Our hopes for Amazon expanding.
05:37 Audiobook aggregates for international authors.
07:31 Fiction vs. Non-Fiction
14:48 Creative non-fiction
24:00 Negative perceptions of fiction.
28:12 Reading fiction helps with empathy
30:23 Fiction transcends generations
34:13 Final thoughts

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