Fast and Easy Way to Get Sales on clickbank with Facebook Ads

Fast and Easy Way to Get Sales on clickbank with Facebook Ads
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Promoting CB ads with Facebook requires some
will power & patience but it can be very lucrative.

WARNING- Avoid promoting products to your friends/family
via your timeline. It’s waste of time.

You need to PAY FB to use Ads.

Before you start, MAKE SURE that you are NOT sending traffic directly to the vendors Sales Page… thats stupid.

Instead, create your OWN landing page ( or COPY their landing page) OR. copy their promo video and add a CTA . ( Call To Action Button)

On this landing page, you need to add

PIXELS to track users
Step 1 – Do the MATH. Many people JUST jump on FaceBook
and start running ads without calculating economics of CPC or CPM vs ROI.

Make sure you can afford it. No point in spending $100 for ONE $25 sale!

Step 2. Demographics! What are your ideal customers. Write it down!

Their age? Sex? Interests? You will need this in step 4.

Step 3. Create an attractive banner … If confused, put a picture of an ATTRACTIVE WOMEN. It always works! 🙂

Step 4. In this step, I would normally tell you step by step way to create FB ads but FB documentation does a great job so visit…

Step 5. Run your ads. Spend $20 first and see the ROI. Your ROI could be email captures, sale etc.

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