Fall Lawn Overseeding Ep. 1~ Watering, Applying, and After Care

Today in this video, I show you how to seed your lawn and pick out high quality seed while you do it. Look below for links to great videos from myself and other creators!

Fall Lawn Seeding Playlist-

Front Lawn DIY Irrigation System-

GCI Turf Type Tall Fescue Seed-


GCI Turf Services-

Jake the Lawn Kid Fall Seeding-

Ryan Knorr Lawn Care Lawn Renovation-

GCI Turf Services Lawn Renovation-

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Granular Fertilizer-

24-0-4 Carbon-X – http://shrsl.com/1rlin
8-1-8 X-GRN- http://shrsl.com/1rliw
8-24-4 X-Start- http://shrsl.com/1s9m9

N-Ext Products-

N-Ext Bio-Stim Pack- http://shrsl.com/1rliu
N-Ext Shrub, Tree, Palm Pack- http://shrsl.com/1rliv
N-Ext 7-0-0 GreeneEffect and 0-0-2 Microgreene Pack-
N-Ext Compaction Cure Combo- http://shrsl.com/1rlio
N-Ext 18-0-1 GreenePunch http://shrsl.com/1rlir
N-Ext 4-0-2 FloraGreeene

Black Diesel Gloves- http://shrsl.com/1rlix


Hose End- http://shrsl.com/1rlj2
15 LB. Granular- http://shrsl.com/1rlj3
3 LB. Granular- http://shrsl.com/1rlj4
1 GAL. Jug- http://shrsl.com/1rlj6

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12 thoughts on “Fall Lawn Overseeding Ep. 1~ Watering, Applying, and After Care”

  1. When are they gonna make a kbg seed that germinates faster? I hate mowing 3 weeks after overseed, i felt like i was killing the kbg sprouts. Will it still be ok in the long run?

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