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  1. my mother works for youniqe and I feel like it's taken over her life. like it becomes before me and my brother. she also goes to London with the company to do conventions but not sure how much she gets. enough to have literally a room full of makeup

  2. My sister has a Younique eyeshadow palette, the Addiction 4 I believe… she never wears it. I found out why. I tried to wear it while I was at home. It was patchy and chalky, didn't blend, it just looked BAD.

  3. I keep seeing people I follow on Instagram saying they started their journey with yo unique and got told to not believe everything you see or hear. So I sent that person the link to your video. Said I would never buy it bc if what I’ve been informed

  4. I used the 2 step mascara and loved it. I barely have any eyelashes, but the 2 step gave me(sometimes clumpy) eyelashes. I've tried another product that was supposed to do same thing. Only thing it gave me was runny black on my face. It's a bit pricey but I actually loved it. Sorry you had a bad experience, but they are overpriced

  5. I'm an ex presenter I made it to pink status and I didn't make anything….. I spent way more than I made, I liked some of there products… However I think most of them are way over hyped and far to expensive…. I think Younique itself makes more money out of the presenters than actual costumer's…. If there where a drug store brand it would be kind of okay to use.
    Also on the animal testing thing the higher ups tell everyone they are not cruelty free but that Younique itself doesn't test on animals

  6. All the presenters I knew had real jobs too, of course it’s to fund younique and their dumb rule of 125$ in sales every 90 days plus the customers who hate their products or it’s the wrong color and on top of the eye irritation they experienced cost me In the long run from refunds. What was supposed to help my family but had begun to rip it apart from lack of attention to them…..

  7. I hear a lot of people mention that younique is like a cult. I am not a fan of the company, but have friends that joined (some are still my friends, while some dropped me as soon as I didn't join) and so it was hard for me to completely agree with that harsh of a statement. However, I just saw a BBC documentary about younique and in it, it showed thousands of women chanting the name of Derek during a seminar, as if he is a Greek god. They even started mentioning great men in our History, like Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, and Jesus himself, and then they said that Derek (I think that is his name) was just like those great men. And all the women cheered and chanted. It was weird and it made me wonder how many people are being taken advantage of by him….

  8. I was a presenter for a little while and when I had to quit (I was a full time student & I had two other jobs) my sponsor was so rude & unpleasant to me. She kept telling me to just keep selling even though it was destroying me mentally. I had to block everyone who was a presenter just to avoid backlash

  9. I use to be a rep as needed a job. The foundation wrecked my skin, the masks dried my skin out. Mascara hurt my eyes. Got fed with being told to cold message people, and to push the sexually abused slogan to try sell products. I left as felt bullied by some of the girls on same team as me. They made me depressed. Now I’m in a real company that supports me and even have shops around the world

  10. I had to actually place a no MLM heading on my Facebook page and Instagram to get these damn predatory presenters to stop friend requesting me then asking me to sell first them because they like how I do my make up….fml

  11. Quick note, not all products made in China are tested on animals, only those intended for the Chinese market.
    You can make your cosmetics in China but if you aren't selling them in China they can still be cruelty free.

  12. Great job Ashley!! I’ve known makeup for years and been a collector for 16+ years. I never bought into Younique bc the business seemed sketchy from the lift off. I told everyone I knew that it didn’t seem like a good company with good practices. Like I would tell people, “no, I haven’t used the products but may makeup brand who is willing to let someone with no traditional training to sell, market and demo their products is not a makeup line I would stand behind. It’s a pyramid scheme, stay away from them.” I can’t tell you the amount of people I know that were exposed to this brand. A lot of them ask me bc they respect my opinion, some listened and others found out the hard way. I can say that it seems more people are waking up to this brand and all of their unethical practices.

  13. Garbage makeup, garbage company, garbage people!!!


    MLMS are the same thing-just a different title has been put on.

    Don’t fall for these scams sheeple!!!
    Wake up and do research before buying products or deciding to represent a company you know little to nothing about. If you google them and they have negative reviews of products and questionable sales tactics then avoid them at all cost!!! Don’t be gullible. Don’t be an ignorant fool!!! Get the facts-that’s what google is there for!!!

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