exposing myself.

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33 thoughts on “exposing myself.”

  1. I just recently discovered your channel and have been binge watching! I am 51 and think you are wonderful. You are a fantastic Mother….continue on your path with your personal goals and as for your son let him paint his toes if he wants! You are 100% correct in your parenting in my opinion. Christian is soooo adorable and you are beautiful! Always do you! Love and Prayers, Tracey

  2. I hope you are vegan or close now. I know I am watching an old video. I am totally vegan now but it takes some work to get it right. Kids are like 99 percent vegan. It would be easier if the market and society were more susceptible to it.

  3. I appreciate that you are willing to share your life so intimately with us, and I hate that some troll went and ruined it for everyone. I think if he is willing to let Christian paint his nails he's a great father figure, and that is something to be respected and appreciated. So sorry that happened.

  4. Your awesome for letting him do his nails that is awesome I worked with a guy at Dairy Queen and he had a girlfriend he just hated germs and always wanted to get his nails done perfectly. This guy would get clear gel manicures. 🙂

  5. I am so happy you brought up this subject. I work for a baby company and we get calls all the time that a boy wants a pink potty chair. We have made both nuteral with pee guards for this reason. He should be able to express himself the way he wants. Whatever makes him happy. In reality who is it really effecting? NO ONE! You do you girl. Awesome job!

  6. Jordan….please keep doing what you do! You are doing awesome! People only say negative things because there life is miserable.. as long as you and Christian are happy, that is all that matters. And as far as the privacy of your boyfriend…keep him private! I just found your channel and I love what you do!

  7. I haven't been watching you very long. Maybe a couple of days but I can already tell you are a great mommy! There is no harm in letting him paint his nails. It's all in fun. I hate the double standard put in kids. If a little girl wants lego's or a truck or wants to dress like a Tom boy no one blinks an eye. But the second a little boy does any thing feminine every one kisses their shit.

  8. You're the best! You're an incredible parent and ppl need to leave you alone. I'm a nanny and I pray to work with parents like you!! And you do you, vegan or otherwise! It's not easy to be healthy; I'm failing in every way lol! Xo

  9. My son always wanted his nails painted like me and there is nothing wrong with that we are their role models and their is nothing wrong with boys playing or wearing what they want❤️ I think your an awesome mother and your allowing your kid to be himself. Besides all that kids should be off limit they are innocent children so bring the hate somewhere else. This is an awesome video and you are an amazing mother I know myself how hard it is to be a single mother I have 4 kids so you keep doing your thing girl you will raise a happy healthy boy❤️

  10. I'm so sorry people were commenting rude things on your boyfriend's Instagram. You are a wonderful mom and human being. You are so genuine and warmhearted and I honestly look up to you so much.

  11. I Just wanted to say that, I hardly ever make a comment on any videos. But have been a viewer of yours for a min, A subscriber not that long but this video is great.  I love how you address all the questions with such class. I love how you have this glow about you and that's what made me subscribe ,you have such positive energy. YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!! You are so right about wanting  your kid be happy, and not putting that right and wrong about color or gender roles. I think when we do that it sets them  up for being judgmental about other things .You are a great example to your son. I am so sorry that a few bad apples had to ruin things for your boo. But I totally agree with you on keeping your relationship private. It will be a good thing, we don't need to know everything lol. I have seen to many marriages and relationships get ruined because of social media. Not everything needs to be filmed. Also you mentioned the Ronald McDonalds house, the company I work for does a monthly volunteer at the House here in Las Vegas and we get to make the sack lunches for the parents and kids and decorate the bags it really is an awesome place. Just wanted to pop on here and remind you that you are doing an awesome job and thank you for letting us be a part of it.

  12. YES BABY!!! I am so proud of you, I believe I commented on the what I feed my VEGAN kid in a day, and the comments were just treacherous lol. But omg girl when I transitioned I DEFINITELY made mistakes, and I still do to this day! I've been vegan for a little over a year, and I can tell you that no one is perfect. I 100% agree with you about that part of vegan community completely going after people too, like no please hush up haha! I would check out Bite Size Vegan, The Vegan Activist, and That Vegan Couple for TRULY helpful information about veganism!! As for recipes and all that, I would look at Liv's Healthy Life, Hot For Food, and Bosh!! Bite size vegan also has a series just for kids to talk about the truth about animal products and all of that good stuff, and they videos are so educational and amazing! You've probably already watched What The Health and Cowspiracy, but I always just like to rewatch them because of all the statistics and information that's loaded in those films. PLEASE KNOW that you have vegans such as myself that are completely behind you and your mistakes! I am so proud of you for coming back and trying again, and I would love to just support you and let you know that you are doing so so great okay? Keep at it mama, sending you love and light! <3

  13. @Jordan I have never commented on a video before, but I just want to say that I LOVE how you are so respectful of your boyfriend's life and his kids. I mean it's pretty common sense to take down the pictures, but it's really sweet how you went about it. Also, I am a mom who has my son do "boy things" and play with "boy toys", but the way you explained how and why you do the things for your son is honestly a really beautiful thing. I don't think I will change the way that I do things, but I respect you even more now for what you said. You are really a beautiful soul!

  14. I love your videos sm! I just wish more people would talk more about real life things like you do. I found one of your boss babe videos when I was completely broke my account was like at .17 no joke and I was car less now I'm stable and was able to lease my first car! I don't have the guts to turn on my camera and share my experience and my own tips to the world but I have helped I few people out and it makes me so proud. You're truly amazing and I look up to you. Much love ❤️

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