Etsy Sellers Handbook – How to sell on Etsy and get Google Rank

How to sell on Etsy and get your Etsy shop to the top of Google. This is one video within a series of free Etsy tutorials so you know how to start an Etsy shop or how to sell on

For or (same thing right?)

Follow this week’s video tutorials to learn:
* How to sell on
* How to make money on etsy
* How to start an etsy shop
* DIY Free Etsy Banners
* How to set up an etsy shop
* a lot more!

Blog with more help on how to sell on Etsy:



21 thoughts on “Etsy Sellers Handbook – How to sell on Etsy and get Google Rank”

  1. Renae- First of all excellent video! Secondly, I see this video was made in 2012 so I wanted to ask, is it still true to make your 1st 2nd and 3rd word in your titles and announcements the MOST IMPORTANT?  I ask this because recently I was told by a member on one of my marketing teams that it has now changed to being the 4th and 5th word.  Any knowledge about this?

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  5. So hard to hear, I will have to watch again with my earphones. Great Videos! I sell vintage clothing. Find me on Etsy, my boutique's name is : High Hat Couture!

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