Eradicating scepticism, the mindset that's holding your business back – with Chris Schwager #41

Everyone in the video industry wants to improve, but less are committed to doing so because it takes investment . Many prefer to spend money on gear instead of self-improvement. In this episode, we’ll look into why investing in yourself should be a top priority for anyone serious about improving their business and life.

Joining us in this episode is Chris Schwager from Ridge Films.

Chris Schwager continues from where we left off in the previous podcast by discussing his insights creating his business and the ups and downs he’s faced over the years and more importantly how he has come out the other side.

Through his experiences with Ridge Films, we discuss mindsets that can help anyone improve their performance.

We also highlight the role of communities in fostering your success. We also talk about how cooperating with your ‘so called’ competitors can benefit you both.
Here’s what you can learn from the episode:
Why a community can give your business the support it needs
The key to success isn’t just making videos
Business coaches will propel your growth as an entrepreneur
The timeframe you need to take into account when implementing your strategy
Why you should be making constant tweaks to your business strategy
Eradicating scepticism, the mindset that’s holding your business back
Using an abundance mindset to reach success
Competition vs. Cooperation
How to cope with ever-changing environments
Why you should put your clients first
How genuine human connection sets LinkedIn apart from other social media platforms

Connect with Chris
Ridge Films

About Chris Schwager
Chris Schwager is a video marketing specialist who founded Ridge Films
He has more than 20 years of experience in corporate video production across legal, finance, property, IT comms, and government sectors. Chris has helped organizational leaders to elevate their video marketing potential since 2002.

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