Envato Elements Author and Photodune Contributor Tutorial and Tips

This is a tutorial full of tips and tricks for Envato elements and Photodune.

Here is the link to apply to become an Envato elements author and contributor: https://envato.formstack.com/forms/envato_elements_author_registration_of_interest?referral_site=elements_help

Here is a link to my portfolio on Envato elements: https://elements.envato.com/user/JamesWheeler

If you are a beginner to Micstock and stock photography then also check out the other videos on this channel.


8 thoughts on “Envato Elements Author and Photodune Contributor Tutorial and Tips”

  1. If you are new to Evanto and apply to be an author, put a comment with your portfolio and if you get accepted to help others get an idea of what it takes to be an Evanto author. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for a great info James! I have a question – is Envato Elements exclusive platform? and another question – does it matter from which stock site I will send them a portfolio before applying? and could it be a new portfolio or something that have feedbacks and downloads? thank :))

  3. Hi James, You have 22 images on Envato but make over $200 a month from those 22 images? Not sure if I have read that wrongly…..22 images alone would usually make you nothing on any other platform…..

  4. I applied to Evanto a couple days ago. I felt like I needed to wear a suit and tie while filling out the application, and that the job I was applying for was Ruler Of The World!
    How picky are they with images compared to Adobe Stock? Adobe have pretty high standards also. If their standards are similar then I may be in with a chance…

  5. James, when are we going to see more options on submitting photos through the Photoloo app? I'd love to see Photodune, Envato and Pond5 added…among others. Even still, awesome app!

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