Embroidery Price List: Custom contract embroidery, digitizing price list

Get your custom contract embroidery and digitizing price list today.

The price of milk or soda is clearly understood as we can see a gallon or know that something is sixteen ounces, etc. The measure of embroidery is a different item because the price is based on stitch count. The reason embroidery cost is measured as such is because the price has everything to do with how long the embroidery machine runs. That run time or machine productivity has a cost as does the fact that another order cannot be embroidered until the order on the machine is completed. This is a primary factor in creating an embroidery price list.

Even though you understand that, what you cannot see is what you cannot verify and you cannot know. When I first started buying embroidery services, I would email a customer’s logo to the embroiderer, who would reply with a stitch count and price quote based upon that stitch count. I paid the quotation without question because that is just how many stitches it took. When I shopped around to get the embroidery cost for various tiers of stitch counts, I selected vendors who gave me the best package of price, speed of delivery and guarantee of quality.

As a frequent buyer of embroidery my back was up against the wall when the embroidery vendor who had my digitized files went out of business. A returning customer wanted to reorder denim jackets for a rodeo using the same logo as they had before. That logo / digitized file was lost when the other vendor closed their business. That digitizing file cost me over $200 to make and my customer’s reorder would not create enough profit from which I could pay for a new digitized logo file from a different supplier.

It was only when I had to find an alternative digitizing vendor did I discover that two embroidery companies charged me a LOT more by being dishonest about the real stitch count. That $200 file now cost me about $70 & my embroidery cost went down about 65% based on, (you have read this many times already today) a lower stitch count. I had been cheated on two sides of this embroidery order!

The value of doing business with True to Size Apparel is that the stitch count is honest. They will give you the digitizing file if you ask for it and you can ask anyone in the trade to give you their price and ask them for the stitch count on the file True to Size Apparel created. At the embroidery store, everyone pays one price, $2.99 for the first 5,000 or fewer stitches + 60 per additional units of embroidery stitches from 1 to 1,000 – thusly a 5,001 stitch logo will cost $3.59 per item sewn. The embroidery price list at the embroidery store is true to everyone.

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