Email Marketing Best Practices to Grow Your Business

Email Marketing Best Practices to Grow Your Business. Start here ➜

Since you’re watching this video on email marketing, it’s probably safe to assume that you already see some value in email marketing for your business.

The Journey is what everyday entrepreneurs, like you, need to follow in the pursuit of online success. In this video, Emma and Nealey work through a few points about email and why marketing and email go together well.

Let’s get started!


00:37 – How to build a contact list
02:05 – How to create emails (demo)
05:37 – How to know if it’s working
06:02 – Check open rates
06:43 – Email marketing best practices

Email is a part of our lives. A very big part. And if you run a business, email marketing can play a vital role in your success. If you can follow those main steps, you are well on your way to effectively marketing your business using email.


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