EasyWebinar Email & CRM API Integrations

Holy Email Integrations Batman! http://easywebinar.com

Yep, you heard that right! EasyWebinar has just rolled out a TON more email integrations so that
when people are added to your webinars they can automatically be added into your favorite autoresponder software/email providers.

In the past you were able to do this, but only through the form code (except for Infusionsoft & Ontraport). But now, we have just rolled in the
ability to do direct API integrations with some of your favorite autoresponders including some of the more agile and advance ‘If This Than That’ based
tools like Active Campaign and Leadpages Drip.

We have had our advanced email segmenting API’s for both Ontraport and Infusionsoft for some time, but recently we had requests to roll in some of the more popular
email systems that have come out in the last couple years that we’ve tested and frankly love ourselves. In fact some of the email systems we are adding in actually use EasyWebinar for their webinar funnels…so of course it was a natural fit.
What is Segmentation and How Can It Help My Marketing Message
And Make Me More Money For My Business?

Great question.

So segmentation is the ability to stream line a series of emails to a specific audience who takes a specific action. For instance, in EasyWebinar, we have created universal action tags for what someone would typically do during a webinar.

Such as:
Came to Webinar
Watched The Full Event
Did Not Come to the Webinar
Left Early
Watched Replay
Asked a Question

We have also created specific offer tags as well:

Saw Offer But Didn’t Click
Saw Offer and Clicked

TO learn more go to http://easywebinar.com


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