Easy Video Marketing – A Review Of Three IPhone 4 Tripod Mounts

Http://www.AccelerateYourMarketing.com Easy Video Marketing. In this video I review three IPhone 4 tripod mounts that will allow you to use your iPhone 4 to very easily create videos that you can easily edit and upload to YouTube directly from your Iphone to save you time.

My affiliate link for the Glif mount:

My affiliate link to the IPhone 4 Snap Mount:

The Thought Out PED Tripod mount:


7 thoughts on “Easy Video Marketing – A Review Of Three IPhone 4 Tripod Mounts”

  1. The tripod in the video is much taller than it is in this video… I just don't have it raised up. I forget the brand. Lemme know if you want a link to a great tripod and Ill send it to ya. ๐Ÿ™‚ ryansteinolfson at gmail dot com

  2. Only problem with the video is you keep calling the iphone 4 the "iphone 4g"…its not a 4g device. Other than that, great vid though I would say the Sony Xperia Arc's video quality is much better.

  3. @yellowgroove Hello, I do have an opinion. I know it sounds lazy but I'm telling you that I now record everything with my Iphone because I don't want to transfer the video to my computer to edit it. It is so easy to just edit with Imovie mobile application. If you cannot use or you do not have an iphone or a smartphone that takes excellent video then yes I think the ZX5 is great (does it have an external microphone in? – if not get the zi8). Finally, it is so easy to edit in Imovie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Do you have any opinions on the new Kodak ZX5 pocket / compact digital camcorder? its on sale for $137.99 and it records in 720p / 1080p, its shock proof to 5 feet, dust proof, and water proof to 10 feet, it has 4 recording modes, even sepia and B&W and even takes 5mp stills, and it has 4x zoom and Macro shooting..takes up to a 32GB sd card.. only drawback, it has an integrated rechargeable battery which means no swapping out a dead battery with a fresh one. i need some opinions on this?

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