Easily Create Facebook Page For Your Business 2018 (Fast and Free)

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How To Create A Facebook Page For Real Estate Agents. #YPN Young Professionals Network YouTube Video on How To Sell Real Estate On Social Media with Sites Like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social Media Is What Most Young Professionals Are watching Now. Young Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders have a shortfall with getting their Social Media Presence through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, & YouTube. #YPN Helps Young Professionals Network and Learn How These Valuable Social Media Tools Which Can Help them Become Successful. If you Are In College Or A Young Professional Looking to Improve Your Professional Skills, Learn How To Set Up an Account and Start getting Recognized by Search Engines like Google and Facebook. We take you through everything from the Set Up of Your Website, to Getting Set Up on Google Accounts, Getting Found on Google Maps, Facebook Business, Facebook Advertisement, YouTube and YouTube Advertisement, and LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Techniques.

YouTube has over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
YouTube overall, and even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-old s than any cable network in the U.S.
The number of hours people spend watching videos (aka watch time) on YouTube is up 60% y/y, the fastest growth we’ve seen in 2 years.
The number of people watching YouTube per day is up 40% y/y since March 2014.
The number of users coming to YouTube who start at the YouTube homepage, similar to the way they might turn on their TV, is up more than 3 times per year


80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S.
YouTube has launched local versions in more than 70 countries.
You can navigate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages (covering 95% of the Internet population).

Once users are on YouTube, they are spending more time per session watching videos. On mobile, the average viewing session is now more than 40 minutes, up more than 50% y/y.
The number of hours people spent watching videos on mobile is up 100% y/y.
More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.
YouTube’s mobile revenue is up 2x y/y.

Partner revenue is up 50% y/y — and we’ve seen this level of partner revenue growth for three straight years.
The number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube is up 50% y/y.

We’re also seeing great adoption of our video ad formats like TrueView, and continue to help marketers engage and connect with consumers in new ways. The number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube is up more than 40% y/y. And for our top 100 advertisers, the average spend per advertiser is up over 60% y/y.
All of the top 100 global brands have run TrueView ads over the past year, and 95% of TrueView advertisers have run campaigns across screens. We’re also seeing strong growth in new advertisers adopting TrueView, as the number of advertisers using TrueView grew 45% in 2014.

As of October 2014, YouTube has paid out $1 billion to rights holders who have chosen to monetize claims since Content ID first launched in 2007.
As of July 2015, there are 8,000+ partners using Content ID — including many major network broadcasters, movie studios and record labels — who have claimed over 400 million videos, helping them control their content on YouTube and make money on videos containing copyrighted material.
Investing in Creators
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The YouTube Spaces team is focused on helping creators make great content through strategic programs and workshops largely administered at the YouTube Space production facilities in Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Berlin.
As of March 2015, creators filming in YouTube Spaces have produced over 10,000 videos which have generated over 1 billion views and 70+ million hours of watch time.


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  1. When I click on create a page, it doesn't give me the same options as you have on your screen to choose. It gives me only two options "Business or Brand & Community or Public Figure", any inputs on this one?? Thanks

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