Dropshipping Profitably in 2019 | Main Strategy Changes

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Hey everyone!

In this video, I cover the main strategy changes that I think you should implement in order to dropship profitably in 2019. The dropshipping space is evolving very quickly and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve if you want to be successful.

The first point I talk about is niching down. With the amount of awareness around dropshipping nowadays, it’s becoming more effective to focus on one product or niche in order to stand out from the storm of general stores advertising on social media. To highlight my point, I show you a comparison of a general store versus a one product store selling the same product so you can see which is more compelling.

The next point I cover is branding. For the same reasons explained above, it’s becoming increasingly important to build a real brand that your customers can trust. This means generating lifestyle content to post on your social media channels, striving to offer faster shipping time, providing excellent customer service etc. To highlight this, I show you an example of a massive brand that does an excellent job at this.

The last point I cover is multi-channel advertising. With rising ad costs, especially on Facebook, it’s become increasingly important to diversify your advertising channels. This means advertising on multiple platforms to avoid having all your eggs in one basket. For example, reaching people for the first time with influencer marketing retargeting them with FB ads.

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44 thoughts on “Dropshipping Profitably in 2019 | Main Strategy Changes”

  1. It takes many trials and errors before finding a winning product. Riding on a product lasts only for a time. It is not sustainable to create a new shop from scratch and do all the marketing while waiting to strike a nerve.
    No wonder, there are so many videos revealing the secrets of dropshipping; the game is dead if you are not already implemented. It's different to have to adapt to get the last squeeze as opposed to start 20 different stores and go through all the hustle before finding a product.

  2. I teally really love your video you really explain a lot and go into details unlike other gurus who just use phases that i have no idea what they are saying. Its very easy to understand. You gove great advice. I have liked and subscribe to you.

  3. Hey, thank you for the tips and video. Really helpful. Never mean to be a beg but to who ever reads this, I have also started my own video regarding drop shipping. It'd be great for you to join me on my journey 🙂

  4. When scaling an ad set should I leave the original ad set on with the duplicate (higher budget) ad set? For example, if I had a $5 ad set and wanted to scale to $10, should I stop the $5 ad set from running or should I let both $5 and $10 ad sets run alongside each other?

  5. Your videos have really helped me understand the psychology behind successful dropshipping. Clearly, you make it a point to share meaningful and useful information and I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are very much appreciated. I have so many ideas I'm ready to try out, but, I'm having trouble understanding what all the apps are for – or – knowing which apps do what and which extensions I need to have so that all the different steps in the dropshipping process, start-to-finish, are automated. It seems to me so many of the apps and extensions do the same thing. Can you maybe, put together a list of the apps and extensions that are absolutely necessary, and explain what they do or why they're needed for a store to operate efficiently. I think I've watched every youtube video put out by Shopify & Oberlo, but I don't seem to be learning much by watching them. I'm sorry, but in most of them, they talk so fast that the presentation seems frantic which makes it difficult to pull out and retain what's important – it is for me, anyway. Or, they mention something but don't offer any explanation. Can't wait for your next video.

  6. I must admit but sometimes I can’t tell the differences between you , Hayden Bowles and Sebastian Ghiorghiu. Well except when I look at your names since I subscribe to your channels . There’s some great amount of resemblance in there always by looks. Thanks for your great information always . Will take a bold step to starting my dropshipping business. I am inspired by you always .

  7. Ever since I decided to do dropshipping business, I tried to find all of related youtubers who can give me decent advices. He seems by far the best. get to the point directly with good materials and examples.

  8. You make everything so comprehensive. No bullshit about your car, how I can make money just like you if I follow these simple steps and then refer 10 friends to your affiliate link, no stupid hype bullshit. Just straight to the point, dropping knowledge.

  9. If anyone is tired of having high monthly costs from Shopify and would like an e-commerce store created, with optimised product photos and descriptions, for half the price of a Shopify store, drop me a DM!

  10. Dope video! It was so informative & the quality was amazing. Not everyone drives Lamborghinis or travels the world. Really haven’t seen many “normal people” who are doing dropshipping on here so I decided to create my own channel. I’m not rich or anything but I do make money from dropshipping & want people to see that you can definitely do this and make a couple thousand a month comfortably.

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