DIY SHARE stencil

This video is made for SHARE Conference.

Idea of video is to promote street art as a form of activism and guerrilla marketing. If you have something to say, to express yourself, to promote some idea, to revolt, there is cheap and easy way to do it. Make your word visible on the streets!
Download .pdf file, print it, cut it and SHARE!

Whole project is made in free and open source software:

Ubuntu (operating system)

GIMP (image manipulating program)

Inkscape (vector graphics)

Kdenlive (video editing program)


PosteRazor (program that can make big pictures printable for home printers)

fell free to use, remix, and distribute this video!
download link of video:
download link of music played in video:[fulltext]=tunecat&q[type]&q[duration]


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