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What’s in my cup?
Iaso® Café Delgada can help you begin to lose weight and feel slimmer with continued use. This all-natural delicious coffee is formulated with Garcinia Cambogia, which prevents fat storage, controls appetite and increases exercise endurance.

Iaso® Café Delgada targets weight loss with Advantra Z®, because it changes the way your body metabolizes fat and can contribute to weight loss. Also, Delgada is infused with the Chaga Extract, from the Siberian mushroom known as “Gift from God”. It performs a vital anti-aging function and has been used to maintain and improve personal health for thousands of years. Lastly, the Green Bean Extract is believed to positively affect the body’s metabolism and blood sugar level.

This select combination is intended to replace your typical Cup of Joe. It’s an instant coffee so you can use it on the go. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime with only 12 calories per serving. Only $1.95 a cup for pure deliciousness. Love it or your money back.

Get started today. Invest in your health!

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