Day 29 | 30 Day Brand Challenge

What Is Your Most Common Frequently Asked Question?

If you don’t have an FAQ section on your website, you should. It is one of the highlighting factors that will not only save you time in answering the same question repeatedly (when they can be answered by video when you aren’t there). It will also give people certainty in your credibility that you know what you are talking about, because you’ll have a page full of FAQ videos that show you are not afraid to face challenges head on.

In today’s 15 minutes, I want you to create a 60 second video that your potential customers can find on YouTube, on your blog and within the Frequently Asked Questions area of your website. Remember to ask the question in the first 5 seconds of your video and then spend the next 50 seconds giving your answer. If you take longer than 60 seconds, it’s unlikely that unless it’s a ‘how to’ video people will watch it. So stick as closely to 60 seconds in total as you can.

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