Day 23 | 30 Day Brand Challenge

Get Blogtastic!

In today’s task, I want you to write one blog article of at least 750 words. But I want you to record it first on video, which means at 120 words per minute, you need to create a 6-minute video J Then get it transcribed ( so you have the written version and the video version to upload to your blog. Google loves this and it’s the best Google juice!

This video isn’t just any video though. This video is going to challenge head on one of the greatest objections you hear from your potential customers. Maybe it’s time that stops your ideal customers buying from you? Maybe it’s money, or even something else? This is your opportunity to get your message across about why what you do is so vital and why it’s essential to them that they don’t go anywhere else to get it.

The best way to sell them on the idea that their belief is unfounded is to show and tell. Grab a flip chart, use a white board or use post it notes or even a bit of paper on a wall if you don’t have any of that other stuff. Make it an education video that teaches them something and demonstrates that you really know where they are coming from.

So set up your phone or video camera, and quickly make a few notes about what you are going to cover before you start recording. NO NOT write it out before you start recording. This needs to be natural and come from your heart, not your head! Once recorded, upload to YouTube and Facebook. Then when you have the transcription back, edit it and then get them both onto your blog.

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