Cut Update: Down 6lbs + Fitness Favorites (BEST $20 LEGGINGS!!!)

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38 thoughts on “Cut Update: Down 6lbs + Fitness Favorites (BEST $20 LEGGINGS!!!)”

  1. I decided to do a giveaway on Instagram!! Protein, pre workout & some resistance bands! Come enter on my IG its JayJayWeezy. Just wanted to do a giveaway last minute to show you guys how much I really do appreciate the support & give back a few items that I really love . <3

  2. I lost 6 lbs by using the restroom. This number is very insignificant I’m almost bothered you made a video. It just keeps adding on to the craze of getting that number on the scale down.

  3. Questions about the Native deodorant, any time I have tried aluminum free deodorants I notice that they are really hard to get on because the stick is so solid, and then I get chafe. Do you notice any of this with Native?

  4. Hey Jordan! Just getting back to you regarding my recent purchase of Native. Unfortunately the product does not live up to the hype. Disappointing considering the reviews.

  5. U seriously motivated me to go back to the gym. Haven't been in like 4yrs due to may daughter having to start school I found it really hard. But after seeing ur videos I went back and took my mom and she loves it. Just need to get into the fat burners and preworks.

  6. Annoying channel. Boring AF. You drinking on & on Bragging about dating a tatted up loser who lied to you from the start. Your poor choices are So embarrassing & your desperation trying to make your son's life is utterly perfect is annoying as fuck and part of the reason you'll never find a guy. Plus any man who makes the choice to tatt himself up, lie to u & omit information from you… well obviously he's already low life loser

  7. Are the leggings true to size because when I buy leggings/workout bottoms from Old Navy, I am an XL due to the sizing. I am a true large besides Old Navy. LOL

  8. Sweetheart, I'm watching your channel since 2017 and I can honestly say you're one of my biggest fitness, lifestyle and even fashion inspirations 🙂 you're such an 'all together' person, inside and outside you project strength and happiness. I'm so proud of what you are and what you're becoming day after day.
    There is one thing I'd like to ask you without any bad intentions. I see you, not struggling, but having difficulties losing weight. Have you checked your thyroid function? My mum had the same problem. She was always an active person with (I can honestly say) perfect food habits. Suddenly she found herself gaining weight and when trying to lose it, she was losing it at an incredibly low pace, combined with sweating really really bad, sleep troubles, tiredness, she could go from 0 to 100 emotionally and otherwise. I'd appreciate if you answer me and if you haven't to check it, just for your own sake (ultrasound and blood tests), because it's such a huge deal, many people live without realizing their thyroid is not working properly. Stress is a huge factor in hypo- and hyperthyroidism, so I'd like to remind you of that potential disorder.
    Thank you in advance and I wish you and your precious little boy all the best, you really deserve it. <3

  9. I've just watch your I'm done vid, and let me tell you you look amazing! And all of us can tell how happy you are. You are such an inspiration to me! I watch your videos here in Argentina and the reality is so different, but you always manage to inspire me and I have a totally successful law of attraction story thanks to you! Love u girl!

  10. Your makeup looks gorgeous, that highlights looks great. You are so motivating and keep at it when you hit a rough patch. Really appreciate your videos.

  11. I wear my sweet sweat wrap everyday at work bc is so active. And I have one for home on my weekend off. I love it! But for me it makes me itchy if I don’t use the sweet sweat workout enhancer with it. I do believe it has helped in my 20 lbs weight loss. Love u girl

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