Customizing Your Footer section

Customizing Your Footer
In this video, we’ll show you how to:
• Access the Footer section on your site
• Customize the appearance and content in your Footer

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Hey everybody, my name’s Darlene,

and today we’re gonna talk about

customizing your footer section.

And kind of like how the header is the top of the page,

the footer is what rounds it out;

it’s gonna close up that frame.

Let’s dive right in.

So, you’re in your edit site.

We’re gonna go ahead and click on Pages.

Click on Home.

And down at the bottom, you’re gonna see Footer;

go ahead and click on that

so we can start editing.

So, you can change the layout here if you’d like.

There’s a few different accent colors to choose from, too.

And then here’s where you can edit,

where it says Copyright.

And then there’s the Footer Note.

Right now, it says Powered by GoDaddy GoCentral Website.

And you can change that as well or leave it blank.

Maybe you wanna link your social media

account down here.

You can do that.

Or put some site navigations up.

We’re gonna keep it simple.

So, that’s how you edit your footer section.

My name’s Darlene.

Have a sunshiny day.

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