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In this video I chat with Chief Marketing Officer for Zoona, Lelemba Phiri. I first met Lelemba years ago, in my early days of arriving in Cape Town. I was struck by the energy, drive and tenacity of this inspiring woman. She was a speaker at an event I was photographing and it seemed to me that Lelemba had her plan for success all mapped out for herself. So I was chomping at the bit to find out more about her journey of reaching the level of success that she’s enjoyed, to find out what her secret is to showing up confidently in every aspect of her life as a business woman, a mother, a wife, and most importantly, how she strikes the balance of still being connected to herself, outside of the other labels she carries.
Listen Lelemba’s story and be inspired to believe that we women can have it all! If she can do it, so can we!!

Let me know – what was your biggest takeaway from what Lelemba shared in our chat? I had a few ah-ha moments myself!

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1 thought on “Confidence According To Lelemba Phiri | Confidence for Women”

  1. Lele i love the insights you share in this interview. Hey you even remembered to mention us @ the committee doing a cat wheel. Bless you to do more work to support Women & entrepreneurship. Cheers love.

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