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Hi guys! Happy new year! We are starting the year off with a 2020 vision for the next decade:

1. Shop/Consume less
2. Look into your family members/friends closet for pieces they no longer wear
3. Shop your closet
4. Thrift
5. Swap
6. Borrow/Loan/Rent
7. Rewear
8. Repair
9. Recycle
10. Upcycle
11. Repurpose

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1 thought on “COME THRIFT WITH ME + TRY-ON | HAUTE Style&HairXpektations”

  1. This haul is not intended to promote senseless shopping. Thrifting is indeed eco-friendly sustainable, however, it is still important not to shop senselessly and buy only what you need. Please shop wisely and only when necessary to protect the environment.

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