ClickMagick: How to Create a Custom Domain with GoDaddy

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ClickMagick: How to Create a Custom Domain with GoDaddy

The recommended method for setting up a custom tracking domain to use with ClickMagick is by using a CNAME DNS record to “point” your domain to the ClickMagick system.

Purchase Your Domain and Choose a Format:
To set up a custom domain using CNAME DNS records, you first need to purchase a domain if you don’t already have one. You can purchase from or, but any registrar will work. Just go and enter domain names until you find one that’s available.

Next, you need to decide if are you going to use this custom domain ONLY for tracking and for nothing else. If so, then you can set up a dedicated tracking domain using the domain itself:

If, when people type only “” or “”, you want it to go to a website or a blog, and only want tracking when you have a “/linkID” on the end, then you need to point your domain at your website and use a “hostname” with your domain to use for tracking.

Using a “hostname” is just a techy way of saying that you need to stick an extra word on the front of your domain, like this:

You can choose just about any word or phrase you want for the first part of your domain as long as the word (hostname) isn’t already being used.

This way, “” can point to any website or blog your want, but your tracking links will look like “”.

You will be asked to specify the hostname when setting up the CNAME record. In the examples above, the hostnames are “track”, “rotator”, and “go”. The “www” in the first set of examples is also a hostname which, by convention, simply stands for “world wide web.” There is nothing special at all about the “www” hostname—it’s just another CNAME record that is usually set up automatically to point to your domain when you purchase it.

Setting up your custom domain with GoDaddy:
These instructions show you how to set up your domain with GoDaddy provided that you haven’t changed your domain’s nameservers to point at a website hosted by a different company.

Setting up your custom domain with GoDaddy:
Step 1: Create a CNAME record in the DNS Management editor
From the GoDaddy Domain Manager, click on your domain, go to the “Additional Settings” section, then click on the “Manage DNS” link:

This should show you all of your existing DNS records and give you the option to add new DNS records by clicking on the word “ADD” in the lower right corner.

For example, if you want your custom tracking domain to be “” , you’d click on the ADD link. Enter www in the “Host” section, set the TTL value to ½ hour, and set the “Points to” field to one of ClickMagick’s domains. Use for tracking links and split tests or for rotators.

Your entry should look like this:
Click the “Save” button and you should see this entry in your list of DNS records: GoDaddy won’t let you create two CNAME entries with the same Host value. If you get an error, delete the original “www” CNAME entry and try again.

If you don’t want to use “” for your tracking domain because it already points to another website, you’ll want to set the Domain Name to something other than “www”.

The word “track” is a good choice, giving you as your tracking domain:

Step 2: Add your custom domain to ClickMagick
Once you complete Step 1 above, the only other thing you need to do is add your custom domain to your ClickMagick account using the Domain Manager.

Be sure to add your custom domain exactly as you’ve set it up in Step 1 above e.g. either or in the examples above.

ClickMagick’s Domain Manager will thoroughly test your domain when you try to add it. If the Domain Manager accepts the domain, then you’ve set it up correctly and it’s working perfectly! Otherwise, read and follow any error messages you get.

Step 3: Create your custom domain without “www.” (optional)
If you’re using your custom domain only for tracking purposes, you’ll probably want to also set up the non-”www.” version of your domain (i.e., “”). This would be if you’ve bought your domain specifically for tracking purposes.

Step 4: Add your custom domain (without “www.”) to ClickMagick:
Finally, you have to also add the non-www version of your domain to your Domain Manager and you’ll be all set.

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