ClickBank Step by Step Tutorial | How to Make $2000 in 7 Days with ClickBank

ClickBank Step by Step Tutorial
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In this Video, I’ll Be Showing you ClickBank Step by Step Tutorial: How to Make $2000 in 7 Days with ClickBank

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11 thoughts on “ClickBank Step by Step Tutorial | How to Make $2000 in 7 Days with ClickBank”

  1. What I am always wondering about. If you get to much stuff in front of the actual offer. So they have to give their email first to go to the offer, and then they see the offer and they have to give their email again! Doesn't this scare away potential clients? I know that list building is important, but is selling the product at first not more important? A simple email capture page with: YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST or something would be sufficient I guess!

    I am actualy watching all of your videos right now, but I am alway questioning myself this

  2. hey Eric great video. can you cover paid traffic method and platforms that really will generate a sales after we will pay for that traffic. for different niches. thank you

  3. Hey Iric i have a question.. if you are already rich and making thousand of dollars on clickbank with paid traffic or any other easy ways in a short period of time..then i want to know why are you sharing with us your ways ? why arer you telling us that and that ? most people will say , if i figure out a way to earn money i'd keep it secret and just keep earning money myself cus if i shares it …many people will do the same and i ll get low commissions …so please answer me..unless you are one of ClickBank developers 😉

  4. Hey Eric ,How are you , My name is Tyree I'm an entrepreneur. Great appreciated your content and value you give to people.
    I have a question for you though.
    1.What ad budget should you suggest to start off with facebook and google ad words?
    2. How much is your facebook course teaching facebook ads?

    3.When will you be in the new york market?

    4.When is the event you're having in flordia?
    Email me at

  5. Great clip — Your content is fire and I am wondering if you have any advice for someone who is starting a brand new YouTube channel. Is there a piece of software that you use for the special effects (intro, subscribe button, notification bell, etc…)? Also, I am on a Windows PC, not MAC.

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