Changing the Order of BREW Showcase Link Box Links

Hey, this is Sabrina, Lead Trainer for Ballen Brands. And I’m gonna show you how to organize the order of your Ballen Real Estate Website (BREW) link box links here.

Changing the Order of BREW Showcase Link Box Links

So these have defaulted to alphabetical order or numerical order. So if these are all under, then, since they’re all the same alphabet letter. Then it’s gonna go straight to the number and order it by the numbers.

One thing that we have found is if you have under one million, It tends to put itself up at the top, even though it belongs underneath all of these other prices here if you wanna do it in price order.

So the way that you’re going to change that, is you go to the page that you want to change the order of. And then you’re gonna hit edit showcase at the top. It’s gonna take you to the edit screen for the showcase page. And on the right hand side under showcase attributes, you have an order now option.

By default, the order is 10, so what I typically do is, I do them in increments of five or increments of 10.

That way in case you ever wanna put anything in between? You have the space to do so. So with this one, you would just go ahead and change it to 20. I’m gonna go ahead and do that just so you guys can see for example. And I’m gonna update it. Cause this is the hundred thousand page. So this should put it at the bottom when initially it was at the top.

So let’s view this showcase. And now you can see that under a hundred thousand is now under the rest, cause these are all order number 10. So since they’re all order number 10, it’s gonna go in alphabetical or numerical order.

And then it’s gonna go into the next order sequence, which is order 20. So now I’m gonna go ahead and put it right back. So if you wanna change it? Really simple. You just go ahead and put it back to 10 where the rest of them are. And hit update and it will bring it right back. So give it just a second. We’ll go ahead and view it. And now it’s back up at the top. So it’s that simple.

So all you have to do is just change the order number, either above or below the default number 10, depending on where you want it to fall on your table here. If you have any questions? You can email us at And if you want more videos like this one? Go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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