Butterick Fall 2018 1st Impression Pattern Review

The new Butterick pattern collection is out and I’m sharing all my first impression thoughts about the new patterns!


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28 thoughts on “Butterick Fall 2018 1st Impression Pattern Review”

  1. I enjoy your perspective as balanced and…moderate! IMO this season is a toughie but maybe these styles will appeal to the young and slim. I found myself thinking that I would have to change or use only one feature from nearly all of them. Ruffles, draped folds, cold shoulder and asymmetry have now been done to death. Good thing my pattern collection is vast.

  2. Well fashion is cyclical and pattern companies have to produce a line each season – but there's nothing fresh and no new twists to this line up worth buying. You always do a good job exploring the choices and finding something positive to say though – I would not be able to hold back my snarky comments! LOL. Have you ever considered using a tried and true pattern from your stash and adding those different details you see that you like? I guess you could call it pattern-hacking.

  3. I love your first impression videos! I also found this collections to be a little odd. I'm in my late 40's and these patterns were a strange combo of early 80's styles mixed in with ruffles, etc. Many of the patterns were unflattering and I'll fitting. I think the lower hemline of jackets is creeping back in. I was just shopping at Macy's and I saw several blazers that were longer. I tried one on by Calvin Klein and was surprised at how much I liked it! I can't wait to see how other sewists make these patterns and make them work with today's styles and fabrics.

  4. I love these videos. I can look at the new releases… but it is so much more fun going through them with you. Sewing can be a lonely hobby at times. It is soo fun to go through pattern options with you!

  5. My favorite is B6589, with the nice details. I think B6593, though cute, would make most look larger. Not sure I like it, the silhouette isn't attractive. B6592 with the long bell sleeve IS nice. The sleeve might look good in total lace. B6604 coat is one you said you'd wear all the time and not take it off. The 2018 Fall Channel fashion show featured coats as dress patterns and they looked beautiful. With the right fabric there's no reason why one couldn't or shouldn't. B6577, due to the wide waist band I don't think it would look flattering on a larger woman. Even on a stick figure they have it in near monochrome to look slimming, though the length would be slimming if made in the same or darker color than the top.

  6. The Lifestyle wardrobe had both my least and most favorite patterns! Those atrocious pants. What? I can imagine catching my heel in those and falling down the stairs to my death. Ugly and dangerous! The little athleisure pattern was adorable. I'd take the bodice from the jumpsuit and add a skirt.

  7. Thanks for the review, so nice seeing what you say and the comments below as I get an idea that I'm not crazy about some things. Some of these dresses/tops would look like sacks on me, but I did find some cute things. I did buy B6593, and I can tell you why I bought it, I have a belly, because of my diabetes, I have a baby belly and look 6 months preggo, and no matter how hard I excercise and watch my diet, it won't go away. So, I have to buy clothes and tops that 'hide' or 'forgive' that body part. It's hard, because even preggo women wear tight clothes now a days, and I don't like tight across my belly so I have to find something thats got lots of room. Well anyways, I loved a few of the styles, I look forward to grand children some day so I'm buying that romper for a little girl and the little 1 piece outside suit for sure. Thanks!

  8. Nice job on the pattern review. I thought there was way too much going on on some of those tops with ruffles & flounces & caplets, ugh. Some of the patterns were really dated, not retro. I really liked the pants in the active wear set. They had a really nice line.

  9. The only one I'd be interested in is the coat with the fur collar. And I can wear it where I live! Everything else is kinda weird. (Accept maybe some of the See and Sew tops.) It's like they threw every design detail they could into every pattern. It's a lot!

  10. I found this video instructional. Watching you look at the photos, and then the line drawings to decipher and name the various pattern components like the Ruching, Godets, Peplin, Fisheye Darts, Keyhole neck, ect., was very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I think u would look great dressed up in 40s or 50s era. I could see u in a pill shaped cap, hair up, very cool, w red lipstick! Youd also be good in 60s w a bouffant! You look the part, but you also look modern, but homespun…

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