Brian Mayer – ALA 2015 – Board Game Designer Interview

Brian Mayer is a board game designer living in Perry, NY. He attended American Library Association Annual Conference to promote his board game, Freedom: The Underground Railroad ( a 1-4 player abolitionist movement-themed strategy board game, and to introduce librarians to board games as educational tools. He also prototyped some game concepts including a particle physics board game at the show and assisted the Games and Gaming Round Table in setting up board game islands for librarians considering building or expanding their board game collection. His games and pedagogy tools/references can be found at his site,


This independent artist interview was conducted by Joseph Coco on behalf of Becca Hillburn’s art process blog, Nattosoup ( It was conducted in the artist alley during the convention. If you would like to be interviewed at a convention or show support for the interviews, please contact Becca and contribute to her Patreon,

Music credits: Steve Combs – Plug Me In


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