BFC #007 – How to go from being a Freelance Video Curator to an Agency Owner with Doug Suiter

Are you an entrepreneur or a creative?

For Doug Suiter, there is no difference… listen in to find out why.

Today’s guest is Doug Suiter. He is the Owner/Director of YourFilm and FCPTalent. His expertise is from On-air Promos, set directing, and overseeing the full production process. He started FCPTalent to be a matchmaker for freelancers and producers.

In this episode, Den and Doug expose what it really takes for a creative to build their own business. Doug shares his thoughts on filling the gap between matching a qualified freelancer to a client looking for a specific skill set. He also shares the biggest secrets on how to operate a business that does not compromise your creativity.

What you will learn in this episode…

– What happens when a sales expert and a creative become one
– How Doug become that Final Cut Guy
– Doug’s turning point from being an employee to starting his own gig
– Why having a system in your business will set you free
– How he managed to fill the gap between freelancers and small business owners
– The importance of going that extra mile for your clients
– Is there a difference between being a creative and an entrepreneur

Quotable Quotes

– You work hard and you need to be lucky

– Don’t set goals, set systems


The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber

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