BFC #006 – How A Creative can Turn Their Passion into a Profitable Business with Arana Wallenhoffer

It is tempting to hold on to a company after being part of it for a long time. The realization for Arana was a little different, she was forced out of the company she helped built and as a creative, she realized that her career was heading down another path…

Arana Wallenhoffer has an uncanny ability to balance inspirational creativity with practicality with her devoted passion focused around creating beautiful, yet functional space. With experience spanning all facets of architectural design building design and town planning, she has expertise to direct the action from creation to construction.

Today’s episode, Arana shares how she overcome the humiliation of being fired from her job and how that’s transformed her to build what she’s built today. She also shares some nuggets of advice on how she and two other business partners built their firm, Norrskenko, from scratch.


What you will learn in this episode…

– Arana recounts the harrowing journey going from employee to entrepreneur
– She opens up about the single event in her career that led her to ask the big question in life
– The Good, The Bad and The Ugly bits of building a business as a creative personality
– How to balance the commercial side and the creative process of design for others
– Why you need to surround yourself with a supportive group when it comes to your company culture, mission, and vision

Quotable Quotes

Our primary focus is always the people. It’s relationships and people. If you’ve got that sorted, the money’s sorted because people won’t have a problem paying

Speed is not what is important in our industry; longevity is

Creatives can’t do everything in business

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