Best Video Lighting That Is Cheap And Effective

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Equipment mentioned:

Lightbox with green screen:

Required updated equipment:

4 x Lights:

Pop-up white screen:

0:54 So what you can see here is just a lamp that I bought from my Ikea and it’s like $30-40 or so. You can go and spend money to get a professional lamp and I’m going to talk about the two different options. The first option, the budget option which is what I’m currently using. As you can see, it does the job and it’s very clear and it does what you need to do. And then you can go and spend hundreds of dollars for the professional box light which I know is possible to get as well. I’ve seen it myself and they’re great and they come with all these light bulbs and stuff like that. But it sets you back a few hundred dollars.

1:26 You can pick it up on eBay, you can pick it up on Amazon as well. But in this video, I just want to share with you what I’ve done and how to go about it. Now, you see right here, this big chunky light bulb, they’re coming very, very popular, but these are what we call energy-saving lights. And this current one that I’m holding here right now is 55watts that actually portrays it out. But when you actually put and look at the equivalent of it, I think it goes up to about 300watts of lighting power. And this is more than enough to be able to light your face up, light everything around that you can see and you don’t have to worry about where to actually get lighting from if you don’t have much of light.

2:07 So, what I would suggest in terms of getting a video created with good lighting is just get one of these lights, $30-40, they’re bendable which is great and I talked to it. Screw in one of these lights, which is 55watts and it looks a bit funny. It won’t set you back very much for it, you can get pretty much 3 of these lights for I don’t know, hundred something of dollars. Or even if with one, it’ll probably be sufficient to be honest.

2:49 Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are. I love to know how effective this is for you. I mean for me it’s been great but obviously you need to try it out yourself. And if you do have any questions about how to position and how to light it, feel free to enter it down below.

3:21 As I mentioned there is also the other option that you can get as well which is the more professional and one that’s big box lights. And it comes with like 6 or 7 light bulbs inside between.

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