Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans 2018 | On The Best Network | Visible By Verizon $40 Unlimited Everything

This week we cover the best cheap cell phone, running on the best network. Visible wireless runs on the Verizon network and they are offering unlimited everything for $40/month. That price includes taxes and fees. This is by far the best cheap cell phone deal.


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Best Cell Phone Plan Unlimited Everything $40

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11 thoughts on “Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans 2018 | On The Best Network | Visible By Verizon $40 Unlimited Everything”

  1. This an update to this comment: This
    an update to this comment:I was finally able to catch the chat when it changed to live. I have cancelled my service and requested a refund. It took about 5 minutes to get my previous service running again (unlimited talk and text with 5G LTE data for $30. $.42 tax)Previous Comment: I put the sim in. Since then I have not been able to make calls or get on the internet for three days. Chat shows busy for hours at a time.
    I cannot get help to fix my problem, but I was immediately charged $40. Today, I cannot even get in chat to leave the service!!!! Last night I was told I would get a call from a tech. I gave them my home phone number because my cell phone does not work. I waited and no one called. My phone has been checked to work with their service.Those whose work depends on this could have problems. This would also be a problem for the many people who have switched to cell phones from land lines. Beware, if chat is not available, you have no other options (that I know of).It could be that they have lots of problems and that is keeping chat busy; maybe they don’t have enough chat personnel or maybe they have blacklisted me (I know I am becoming paranoid).

  2. I had visible for about 3 months and loved it! No issues or problems with them at all. The only reason why I'm not with them now is because it didn't make any sense for me to pay Verizon and visible. So I ported me and my daughters numbers back to Verizon until I pay off the rest of my electronics off and then I'm getting rid of postpaid Verizon for good!

  3. By far this is the best deal on wireless by a small company backed by Verizon. Visible wireless is giving everything unlimited with some hotspot for $40/month taxes and fees included.

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