Benefits of a Small Business Blog – In this 3 minute video you’ll discover the most important thing when running a small business blog

There is nothing worse then landing on a blog which was last updated 6 months ago. So if you decide to blog, create a schedule that you can commit to and then stick to it. Maybe you only blog once a every two weeks in the beginning, that’s a good start. But really schedule in time to write that post. You will probably see that it really doesn’t take that much time and can hopefully increase to weekly posts. The more you write, the more traffic you get…

Whatever the frequency, make sure you book it in your calendar and stick to it. I use a WordPress plugin called WP Editorial Calendar. But you can use your Outlook calendar or an excel spreadsheet. Doesn’t matter how you schedule, it matters that you do it !

So, maybe you’re already writing a blog, but haven’t really committed to a schedule yet? Take my advice and see your traffic increase tremendously !

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