Being Too Creative Could Scare Clients Off with Simeon Quarrie (Part 2) #45

In part one of our back-to-back episodes with Simeon Quarrie, he shared some insights about the efficiency brought about by starting work at 2am every day. We talked about his work ethic and his ability to scale up and down depending on the projects at hand. Simeon and I also discussed how he makes sure that he is always one step ahead in the video business industry.

Today, as we continue our discussion, Simeon will share with us how, oftentimes, being too creative can scare a client. Based on Simeon’s previous experiences, he will tell us how important it is to get the right balance between creativity and meeting the demands of clients.

✔ What You’ll Learn From This Episode: ✔

● Marketing Processes and Strategies: Getting more clients in the corporate market
● Why being strategic in networking is paramount to getting your target market
● Understanding your target market
● Presenting yourself: For industry vs. when looking for clients
● Reasons why clients are terrified of too much creativity
● Why too much creativity is hurting your business
● Why most clients go for predictable outcomes
● Looking at the customer’s needs and providing consistent work
● The risk of video businesses spending money on equipment and going broke
● The significance of focusing ON the actual business
● Instead of being IN the business, work ON the business
● How Simeon creates impact with storytelling
● Focusing on values — How it changes the perception of customers

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✔ About Simeon Quarrie ✔

Simeon Quarrie is the owner of VIVIDA. He is a filmmaker and storyteller who has successfully built a world-leading wedding video business and one of the few who has successfully transitioned into working with large businesses. Simeon is an international speaker, Canon Ambassador, Gteam member, and an advisor for Google and YouTube. He ensures he is focused on staying one step ahead and now creates interactive Virtual Reality films. Simeon’s clients include Sky, Barclays, Burberry, and EY.


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