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Anton, a magician and trick pool shooter created Bean Bagglz, the 33 games in 1 beanbag game. He stopped by and talked with Shawn Pfunder about how GoDaddy helped him with his social media marketing. Watch Steve Harvey’s Funderdome Sundays 9|8c on ABC.

Shawn Pfunder: Hey, everybody. I’m Shawn. I’m here with GoDaddy. I’m here with Anton, who’s got this really, really cool — it’s actually on his shirt.

Anton: There we go.

Shawn Pfunder: Cool product called the BeanBagglz. Did I get that right?

Anton: BeanBagglz. You got it right.

Shawn Pfunder: All right, so you got to describe the product for us.

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: Help us visualize what you got out there.

Anton: So you’ve played, like, cornhole before, right?

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, I have.

Anton: Beanbag tossing game. BeanBagglz is the world’s first beanbag tossing game that has interchangeable templates.

Shawn Pfunder: Okay.

Anton: It’s got a built-in storage bin. It’s got wheels, so it’s portable.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: And it also converts into a full-height game table, built-in chess/checker/backgammon board.

Shawn Pfunder: Oh, that’s really cool.

Anton: So we call it the 33-in-one tossing game.

Shawn Pfunder: Okay, so, like, just so I can help visualize.

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: Like, when I was growing up, I remember we had like a beanbag toss, like, game. It was like a, it was like tic-tac-toe, right? Like–

Anton: Yea

Shawn Pfunder: You’d throw the beanbags and there were different holes that you put it in. Is that what this is? Like–

Anton: Exactly. The boards slide in and out. We’ve got–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: A tic-tac-toe game called Kiddo Kolumns.

Shawn Pfunder: It’s my kids’ favorite game, right.

Anton: Yeah. But yeah, it has everything from a little kids’ game up through an adult drinking game–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: And everything in between. So it’s a whole genre of games. Thirty-three different games that you could play.

Shawn Pfunder: So what are the different boards that you swap out on that?

Anton: We got the original game, which is Beanbag Billiards, right. I’m a pool player.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah?

Anton: Right, so it’s a pool table. You could play pool on the beach. How fun is that?

Shawn Pfunder: With the beanbags?

Anton: With the beanbags, exactly. [laughs] There’s a football game. There’s baseball. There’s like a Skee-Ball version. There’s a–

Shawn Pfunder: Holy cow.

Anton: Battleship if you remember Battleship as a kid.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, I totally remember that. Yeah.

Anton: The card game War. You ever play War as a kid?

Shawn Pfunder: I did. Yeah, yeah, yea
Anton: Now, you can play War with beanbags.

Shawn Pfunder: What?

Anton: It’s awesome.

Shawn Pfunder: So are they, it’s like even the beanbags, do they change as well?

Anton: Yeah, the beanbags you get are 15 billiard balls, so they’re–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Billiard ball beanbags.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Then, we also have triangle multicolored beanbags for four players, so they could buy it that way also.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, corner on the beanbag market.

Anton: There you go.

Shawn Pfunder: It’s like keep going with everything. Okay, where did you come up with this idea?

Anton: Well, I grew up with family game night.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Very important in my, you know, Italian family.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Anton: My kids one day, you know, they’re — I got five children–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: Goes, hey Dad, you want to play a family night?

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: I was like, oh, man, finally. [laughs] My prayers are answered

Shawn Pfunder: I love you so much.

Anton: Thank you. [laughs] And they bring out, like, these iPads, and devices, and all, [laughs] and they hand it to me, and then they run into other parts of the room. And I’m like–

Shawn Pfunder: Here, Dad.

Anton: This isn’t family night.

Shawn Pfunder: Oh, dude.

Anton: So I wanted a game that got the kids off the couch, away from the technology–

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah.

Anton: And actually interacting again.

Shawn Pfunder: Yeah. Now, in a really great way, this is a little bit of a, in my day, right, [laughs] we didn’t have these types of devices.

Anton: Right.

Shawn Pfunder: I love it, and I love that you did it–

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: For your kids.

Anton: Yeah.

Shawn Pfunder: That’s very, very cool. Well, okay, so what was your background before doing this?

Anton: Actually, I’m a magician.

Shawn Pfunder: You’re a magician?

Anton: I’m a magician and a two-time U.S. trick shot champion of pool where you make, like, ten pool balls at once. [laughs] And I blend it together. It’s called pool ball wizardry.

Shawn Pfunder: I love-

Anton: This is what I do.

Shawn Pfunder: Wait, so you do the magician act with pool table?

Anton: Exactly. I play games for a living, so how can BeanBagglz not be my cup of tea? This is what I do.


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