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Inside look, comparison at the Avada and Divi theme. Converting from Avada to Divi Theme.

The video includes a list web design tasks using the Divi Theme.

MENUS – changing the menu items, updating the menu items to link to pages.
FOOTER WIDGETS – changing themes cause the widgets shift or disappear completely. So, we just need to go to the widget area and place the widgets back in their designated location. Using the old website as a guide we can re-create the widget configuration in the Divi Theme. Finding, installing and configuring a twitter feed in the footer widget. Compared to the Avada theme the footer widgets now look better with the Divi Theme.
BLOG SET UP – shows how to turn off thumbnails or featured images on the single blog page so that there are not duplicate images.
SIDEBAR WIDGETS – go to Appearance, Widgets to configure the sidebar, using the widgets: Text to show About Us, Upcoming Events, Recent Posts, twitter feed
ADDING A FULLWIDTH HEADER SECTION – selecting an image, adding a title, using the divi theme drag and drop builder to arrange the full width section to the top of the page
SLIDESHOW – setting up the Divi slide show, inserting multiple slides with background images and text. The slide show is an improvement over the Avada theme because the slides are consistent in the Divi Theme. Using the animation options we are able to set the slideshow speed.
ACCORDION – the Avada and Divi look a little different but function about the same. However, the table in the accordion was cut off. Changing the layout, using the drag and drop Divi Builder, we correct the issue.

NOTE: during the production the live website experienced slow delivery of the web pages while our hosting provider was very fast.

Using the Divi Library, we were able to save Sections of the web page layout and then apply it to other similar web pages, making the over all design of the website consistent. The Library items also make it very easy to add call to action areas to multiple pages and the change it globally.

SOCIAL SHARE AND FOLLOW: We demonstrated a step by step process of configuring the Monarch Social Share & Follow.


5 thoughts on “Avada to Divi Conversion”

  1. Hello, Thanks for this very helpful video. I have a church website with about 1000 devotional posts in Avada. Pls what would be the best way to convert them to Divi. Do you have to visit them one after the other to delete the shortcodes…?

  2. Did you actually convert Avada to divi or just recreated the pages? Both use a lot of short codes and stuff to make them work… So I guess the question is, did you do something to make avada code divi code? or just copy and paste the content from one installation to another?

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