Almazan Kitchen Knife Review – – Serbian Chef Knife

Almazan Kitchen Knife Review – 1st Impressions – This is my review and 1st impressions of the Almazan Kitchen Knife. The knife really fits my personality being a nice size and having good balance in my hand. The craftmanship is second to none in both the Almazan Kitchen Knife and the Naked Leather Knife Sheath with Pocket. This Knife will be an added asset if your an outdoors type of person also. Truly you only need this knife with you while you camp.

Each Knife is Hand Made with Heavy Carbon Steel blade with Pakawood Handle and Genuine Leather Sheath. The Almazan Kitchen iconic knife is made of hardened Carbon steel for sharpness and durability. Get yours today and enjoy your adventure!

Bushcraft style heavy blade for ‘wilderness skills chopping & hacking’ – Blade Thickness: 5/32″

Chef style is a thinner blade for ‘kitchen usage for slicing & dicing’ – Blade Thickness: 3/32″

Almazan Kitchen knife handle is made from Pakkawood® You do not want a knife handle to be made out of soft or fine woods as punishing use and repeated wet conditions will destroy most materials.

Pakkawood® is a stabilized wood which is compressed under high pressure to create a very dense and durable material while still exhibiting its natural beauty.

Each Almazan Kitchen knife is handmade to last and can stand up to whatever you throw at it. We have had customers do the unthinkable….. and yet the knife has still performed.

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39 thoughts on “Almazan Kitchen Knife Review – – Serbian Chef Knife”

  1. There are lots of knives like this on ebay they are all made in China… And there are lots of strange companies putting a logo on them and claiming it as their creation…

  2. I don’t like copies! It’s to show support and respect to the inventor or innovator.
    Therefore, I just ordered at the Almazan Kitchen website who now have Christmas Sale price at 50% off plus free global shipping.

  3. DO NOT ORDER FROM MEATHEADKNIVES!!!!! I ordered 2 knives plus the upgraded sheaths and only received half the order. Plus the rivets on the sheath were so rusted they fell apart. I have no problem emailing anyone who wants proof. No email for the website, just a 3rd party support that tells me my complaint had been forwarded. 100% scam website.

  4. Look close and you will see the bell peppers flatten out from knife pressure before the knife starts to slice. Thatz because it isn't yet stroped on leather. When fully sharpened, they do cut like a razor, but not straight out of the box.

  5. I got this knife and I work in a kitchen.
    Everyone thought it looked ridiculous but now that they've all used it, I've got two co workers waiting on an order.
    This knife is great.

  6. AB , isn’t that big knife too lg to cut those veggies ?☺️ I could sure cut some ribs & Brisket & bar-b-q chicken with it !!! Yeah that’s right a masculine strong man ‘s knife !! I would be a bit afraid to use this knife. ! Too big !! Thanks, great video- Man man !!! I won’t be purchasing one of those for sure !!

  7. Now you need to get the real one… and that aint it. I see many things different from the real one from a quality standpoint. Go to Almazan kitchen… its the real deal. The spine is different, the wood is different, the shape of the handle is different. the spine is polished on the real one, it is also hammered on the spine close to the handle for better finger grip precision, kind of mushrooming the spine if you will. The only way to get the real one is to hit them up on FB. Takes a WHILE to get here too. I got mine today, and inspected the hell out of the craftsmanship, and it is unreal, then re-watched your video I had saved. Laser sharp too. You wont be pushing a bell pepper like that one you have did. Check it out, no substitute. Lot of copycats out there, meathead being one of them.

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