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List of all the questions will be down below.

Hello, my friend ~ (Please open and read for more information)

Welcome to my channel. I am not a nail professional, just someone who loves nail polish & nail art. I share what I have learned through my own experiences and what works for me. If there is a product I’ve used or a technique you would like to know more about, please ask me in the comments section down below. I have listed many of my favorite “go to” products down below, including my current favorite stamper. I don’t always explain what I’m doing or why, mostly because I don’t view my videos as true tutorials. For me it’s like you are here with me and we are just painting our nails together. Thank~you for taking the time to watch my video. Until next time, be good to yourself.


If you have questions, business or review inquires please email me at:

I invite you to email me to talk more about polish or send me pics of your mani, I would love to see what you’ve done.

You can also find me on Instagram: @moonbabynails

Discount Code(s):
Beauty Big Bang : PACK285

Some Of My “Go To” Products:
Cotton Claw (similar to the one I use) $4.99:

1Pc Manicure Saver Cotton Claw Clean Nail Template Claw Nail Art Tool

Nail Re-usable Nail Wheels:

Base Coat:
Nailtiques Forlumla 2 (Professional Refill sized Bottle on Ebay)

Top Coat:
Poshe’ (Professional Refill sized Bottle on Ebay)

Clean Up Brush:
Sonia Kashuk Tools Synthetic Angled Eye Liner Brush – No 27 (

Favorite Black Cream Polish:
Cirque Memento Mori (

Favorite White Cream Polish:
Stached Polish Luncheon (

Peel Off Base Coat:
Dainty Digits: Glitter Be Gone (

My New Love…..Liquid Latex Barrier:
Graftobain Professional Make-up Liquid Latex (8 fl oz) (Ebay)

My favorite Clear Stampers:
Konad x Barabapa Clear Jelly Stamper (
Bundle Monster Monocle Stamper (Bundle Monster)

Stamping Polishes: Nicole Diary (

Non-Stamping Polishes I Stamp With:
Funky Fingers Black & White (5 Below)

Thanks for watching.  TTYL, my friend. ~~~~ Tina

Filmed with: Nikon Coolpix S6900
Tri-Pod: LimoStudio 17″ Mini Tripod AGG301
Edited with: Windows Live Movie Maker

All Things Nails Tag Questions

1 – Favorite base coat you’ve ever tried?
2 – Favorite cuticle/hand cream?
3 – Favorite mainstream brand?
4 – Favorite polish from that brand?
5 – Favorite indie brand?
6 – Favorite polish from that brand?
7 – Glossy or matte?
8 – Long or short nails?
9 – Dark polish or bright polish?
10 – Thick polish formula or thin polish formula?
11 – Nail art or solid color?
12 – 3D nail art?
13 – Favorite top coat you’ve ever tried?
14 – Least favorite polish of all time
15 – Top favorite polish of all time
16 – Favorite polishes for spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
17 – Natural nails or fake?
18 – Nail salon or no nail salon?
19 – What’s the most expensive Polish you’ve ever purchased?
20 – What’s the least expensive polish you’ve ever purchased?


29 thoughts on “All Things Nails Tag ~ Started by threesixtynails”

  1. I have the old formula for Breezy Blue. It's sheer too and takes too many coats so I put it over white undies and then it's good in two coats. Otherwise, "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

  2. Hi… i never saw your face before… and now i know to who'm i talk to. It was a nice surprice.. never a idea what you will look like.. It is nice to have the real face with the nails i always watch.. Thanks..

  3. So nice to see your beautiful face dear friend. Your eyes are such an amazing color of blue. Really cool video, btw Cotton, you are gorgeous too. Big ole snuggle bug. …..Peace ♡

  4. Cotton is a pretty baby. Right now my favorite base coat is ProFx 3 in 1. Its a good sticky quick dry base. I tried their base coat once and my mani came off in 2 days. It was a friend's bottle. I had bought the 3 in 1 and I've used it for 2 yrs now, haven't really went looking for a new one. I just started making my own cuticle oil, I mix that with my Eucerin cream for a hand cream. Mainstream, I'm torn between Sinful Colors and China Glaze. China Glaze would be Mix N Mingle and Sinful Colors Poisonberry (I think that's what it is, its a plumy berry). Never tried any really Indies. Gotta be a plump glossy top coat. Long nails. Dark or Bright? Depends on my mood, right now its bright but still on the darker side. Thicker polish. Nail art, unless I'm going with a theme and sometimes I just let the colors stand on their own. If I don't at least wear a glitter topper, my friends think I'm sick or something is wrong. Not into 3d on myself but love it on other people as long as its not too tacky. Seche Vete or ProFx top coat. The ProFx top coat I've been using its so thick and glossy, 2 coats and its almost like a gel topcoat. Sally Hansen, I just don't like them. I know everyone loves them, maybe I got a bad bottle way back when but I haven't tried them again. I love China Glaze and Sinful Colors and if I could have every purple including purple glitters, I'd be happy. Fall, I love the winey purples and reds. Winter, purples and blues, summer pastels but not pale pastels and neons, spring pastels. Natural nails. When I was 18 a friend of mine took me to the salon she went to, got me a mani and pedi for a bday gift. All I wanted was a mani pedi and color. The tech talked me into an acrylic overlay, just a thin layer of acrylic. Yup was a pain to get off, even after she said acetone would take it right off, nope didn't. Ended up with a toe nail fungus and a rash all over my hands and feet. Found out later that it was from improper application and unsanitary conditions. That is why I became a Cosmetologist, and I love creating things. I preach sanitation. Nothing bothers me more than improper sanitation and application. I went with a friend to a nail salon to get her daughter's nails done, while we were out shopping together, this was before I went to school. She paid for my daughter to get a manicure too. She made me leave the shop because I told the tech to clean the station and get clean tools before touching my daughter and my friend's daughter. I pissed the owner of the salon off, because I pointed out not very quietly things they were doing wrong. Now I'm not allowed to go to ANY salon with her. Most expensive polish, My OPI Nordic Collection, and I didn't even get all of it. Least expensive, some Opi and Essie I got for $0.37 a bottle. I love when the salon supply store has a good clearance. Right now I'm waiting for some Caption Colors to get marked down again and gonna grab up some of those.

  5. Great video! Awww cotton is too cute! I wanna snuggle with him. That expensive polish looks expensive! I like it. You’re on your 4th bottle of ruby red?! Wow! I don’t think I ever finished a full bottle of polish with exceptions of base/top polishes and nail growth formulas.

  6. Hi Tina .. Great video idea .. I will go check out Threesixtynails and subscribe .. first Hi Cotton !! What a cutie … and I love Sally Hansen extreme wear.. I think it's great to watermarble with, if you still don't like it .. of corce I'll give it a good home lol .. love to put a face with your voice, for the second time… thanks for the tag and plug for my channel, very nice of you and I get your trying to get me on front of the camera. I'll do my hair and makeup prior to doing my video, lol don't want to scare people away. tfs pretty lady and I'll have to think about this for a few before I do my video. It's a good thing I don't have as many polishes as you, it would take me a long time to pick favorites and dislikes.. ttys Jill

  7. Awesome tag video love the polishes you choose, I really love matte on some other people on here but when I put matte over my nails they do not look good at all so I always go with a glossiness lol i was thinking stabbing in the eye length nail.
    I would love to see a review on dazzel top coat from whatsup nails its kinda pricey

  8. This was a fun video. I picked Sally Hansen as my favorite Mainstream brand. Favorite polish from them is Midnight in NY. Most hated polish is Nicka K New York. I had a Seahawk blue and a Seahawk green one and they both had the worst formulas. They didn't have names, only numbers. I love a thicker polish but these were so bad, I tossed them out after a single use. Favorite polish of all time is OPI La Paz-itively Hot. It's a vivid pink/fuschia with a blue lean and it started my addiction with color. It was my one of first OPIs along with You Rock-apulco Red and my first bright in your face color. I always wore baby pinks and medium pinks were hard core for me bright pink and red were both really reaching out of my comfort zone. Now I wear black, purple, blue, green, etc. and don't think a thing of it. LOL, funny how we change over time. The first few times I wore other colors I was insecure and felt out of place, now that I am over 50, I have the mindset I'll wear what I want and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I do what I do to make me happy and I don't care if it's the social norm or not. No, I don't stick to rich girl colors like pastel pinks and nudes any more. I rock those wild ones like a lady and proud of it! Love my nail art. I can't imagine a plain color without some art over it. Have a great day Tina and Happy Polishing!

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