Just a heads up I know the lighting and quality is kinda shitty for this vid I’m sorry!!
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Helpful videos on applying to FIT for Fashion Design:

Applying 0:56
Getting Accepted 4:53
Starting at FIT 6:32
Roommates 7:57
Dorming 9:20
Social Life 12:24
Classes 13:14
My Experience 14:37


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age? 18
where do you live? NYC
school? Fashion Institute of Technology
camera? Canon Rebel t5i with the kit lens
editing software? iMovie


17 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY | How to Get Accepted + My Experience”

  1. Hey! I'm an Indian and studying in 12th grade currently. I'm planning to apply for FBM as well. I've been the Head Girl of my school and won various awards as a journalist in MUNs. Other than this, there arent any other co-scholastic activities that I'm a part of. But I'm great at studies and mostly score A and A+. Can I get into the program?

  2. i was SO close to actually go to FIT but things happened… still hurt my heart everytime hahaha and i also live at the other side of the world so theres literally no chance for me to go there

  3. heyy i was just trying to find out if everyone stays at fit for the orientation week or the people who are living at home reallyhave to come in from 9 to 11 at night every single day of it??

  4. Im currently a senior in highschool and I just submitted my application the other day, I was really confident in it and I even went over it with my English teacher. I mentioned in my essay how I competed in DECA and also went to districts. I continued to write about how it would help me be successful in the DECA program at FIT as well. I also wrote about my 4 year plan for FIT but after watching your video I noticed I didn't write about what I want to do after I graduated from FIT. Do you think this was a deal breaker for me getting into the college. Also do u possibly have an email in which I could send you my essay so that you could give me your honest opinion.

  5. Would you say it is relatively challenging to get into fit? I know their acceptance rate is pretty low, and I want to apply to the fashion design program, but I have heard so many mixed reviews about getting accepted. I'd be coming from out of state (MI) and I have a 4.0 GPA. I'm involved in 3 sports and DECA, but I am just extremely worried for when I apply in a few months.

  6. Hello loved the video so i want to apply to fit but im foreign and im already in college and i want to sutdy only one semester in fit is it possible? And thanks

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