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In today’s scoop, we get to review the Wix Blog app. I also understand that over the past several months there was some confusion between the new Wix blog and the old Wix blog. I wanted to debunk some of those myths in this video. The new Wix blog takes a much more modernistic and clean approach to the design. The old Wix blog was stuck in the stone ages. However, in addition, the new Wix blog did end up adding all of the previous functionality found in the old Wix blog. Overall, there is great customization over the new WIx blog and I wanted to review that in today’s content.

Get The Dish – The Inside Scoop With Michael Strauch is all about reviewing and displaying new betas released by Wix. Every time Wix decides to release a new beta, I will be on top of it and creating a special video to highlight the features of the beta and how to maximize it’s use.

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