$8k Total Invested In Awesome DIY Skoolie Build // Full Tour

Affiliate marketing folks, it’s real and if you have the hustle, grit and determination, you can make things happen. This awesome couple put in the time and energy and got their bus built on the cheap while at the same time getting awesome gear for free!

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35 thoughts on “$8k Total Invested In Awesome DIY Skoolie Build // Full Tour”

  1. This is really good! Informative. Lots of clever ideas. I’m sold on the idea of getting rid of my house and moving into a Skoolie. The “garage” idea is brilliant. Lot’s of good ideas in this video so thank you very much for sharing. Also, you seem like a very (enviable…) sympatico couple.

  2. Buy the pex crimp tool on Amazon $20.dollars. You will pay a plumber 50 times that to do something a smart "box of rocks" could do. Don't worry about the fire and the painting …if it gets scorched it might make it look better… (there I said it. I know the rest of ya'll were thinking that too.)
    I love the very basic skills that were needed to make this conversion. It helps me know I could do this. This couple is too cool.

  3. loved the way the dogs were catered for. great effort for beginners and you should not be ashamed of imperfections. you can tweak as you go. hope you got your fire up and running!

  4. For the composting toilet, if you install a 12-volt computer fan to exhaust out the side of the bus, it will keep any smell out of the bathroom. We all crap so you can't hide as much as we like. And usually, it is the urine that smells so bad. The computer fan will exhaust it to the outside. Good luck!

  5. You could put a childs saftey lock on the frig. to keep it closed or they have these straps for your frig. The straps attach from the wall to like bookshelves, or tvs so they don't get pulled or knock over by children.

  6. You’ve done a great job on a shoestring budget. I love how you took your dogs into consideration when designing your home. All the best of luck to both of you and those little furries.

  7. Great job on the bus… and considering the budget you adhered to… WOW!!!~ … I really liked the bathroom door idea, but my favorite part is your idea for the hammock… I LOVE the hammock!!~ 😀

  8. You guys did a great job…It is such a learning curve. Right? Love your courage. If I wasn’t so dang old, I would LOVE to do a Skoole. (A short one, possible handicaps just in case, I break something…I would make it work). Keep windows, just use a window coating. Much Love and congratulations on your marriage, may you two have a wonder future. (Keep the Spices!!! Spices are the only way to cook and make things taste better or improve the flavor. I use spices in my coffee to keep me well.). Hugs

  9. I think she should let her husband do the talking, instead of her cutting him off and trying to be the main vocus – he is speaking very quickly to try to get his info out before she jumps.

  10. Did you guys have any leaking issues or mold problems with the ceiling? I know a lot of people worry about that with keeping the original ceiling? I'm trying to decide which way to go because I want to keep costs down and not lose head room but I am worried about leaks or mold too.

  11. Very cool. I want a skoolie. My suggestions are concerning the dogs. In the bed area you might consider replacing one of the beds with a lower orthopedic bed for your older dog. I lost my old girl a few years ago, but toward the end her big soft bed was hard for her to get out of and having arthritis myself now I can definitely say a firmer mattress causes less pain. I got her a thin memory foam bed and put it beside her big "comfy bed" and she used the thinner one without fail.

    The other thing is concerning the underbed area. It is awesome and a good idea but you might want to put an emergency exit where you have the laundry basket. A dog size door with wire and a solid door that can be closed over it. You could have better airflow for the dogs if needed, and still close it off to minimize noise. If they are wet or muddy you can load them into their area without them tracking through the house, and in an emergency, you can take them out of their area through the emergency exit.

  12. So what we are supposed to feel sorry for you.. You must be high. Look what is going on in the world and all the starving children that parents have left behind. Oh I see lets go on you tube and act like we are at the mercy of the public and see if we can people to sponsor our ride by making money off youtube. (looking for a free ride will not make you stronger) All I see in these are weak ass people running from there problems and living in their rvs and looking back to mainstream society begging them to subscribe much like the bums on the corner holding up a sign. I see an the internet cardboard signs every where. When I was growing up I knew that I wouldn't even ask my parents for anything. I wanted to be self reliant and not need anyone else to survive. that was more important than money or anything else. So I learned to fish , hunt ,build my own structures and even dig my own wells. Now that work ethic has although not made me rich but it has made me resilient and self reliant and strong. Maybe I am wrong but that is my perception of all this crap. Foot note. It is amazing how these females act like they have their shit together when it is clear that they do not. I find it to be very comical and certainly do not take anything in here seriously.

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