#73: "Build Your Downline With SHARE CODES" | PLS Tips with Manny

PLS Tips with Manny: “Build Your Downline With SHARE CODES”

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Manny “The Man” Lopez, an Irish, Latin, Native American, is on a mission in life to help entrepreneurs, orphans, and kids in foster care! Orphaned at 18 months himself, adopted and returned 7 times, grew up in a broken home, & homeless twice after starting his 1st business… yet lives a life focused on always being #TooBlessedToBeStressed!

Despite facing many challenges growing his company, since 2011, Manny’s grown his sphere of influence to over 20,000 business professionals worldwide, spanning every continent that has a human population! From celebrities, musicians, artists, and actors… to doctors, attorneys, authors, and speakers… to non-profits, engineers, small business owners, & entrepreneurs, Manny has dedicated his professional career to pioneering the latest technology in lead generation & automation marketing.

Manny helps orphans and kids in foster care by donating his services to assist them in becoming entrepreneurs for every new client he brings on in his business! Each sponsored orphan or foster child will be taught how to create their very own Universal Mobile App to promote a passion they have to turn into a business!

Did you know that 2/3 kids in foster care end up dead or in jail by the time their 18? Manny believes mentorship & entrepreneurship are keys to keeping these at-risk youth off drugs, streets, and anything else that might distract them from greatness!

Manny’s #1 selling product in his branding agency, Universal Mobile Apps, are revolutionizing the way brands are growing their network of influence using mobile devices to find more leads, sales, & referrals for their business!

With over 40 unique features that provide functionality & a system that allows apps to be designed, build, delivered, revised, and published in as little as 3 days, no wonder industry leaders like Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Kevin Harrington, Eric Swanson, David Fagan, plus many more, utilize Universal Mobile Apps in their business!

To learn more about this incredible technology, and how it can help YOU generate more leads, sales, & referrals in your business, visit: http://www.UniversalMobileApps.com

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