$700 Worth Of Tools Giveaway | 1000 Subscribers Or Not | 1 Year Anniversary

As a way for me to give back to the people who have given me so much this year, my first year on YT. On January 17, 2019 we will be picking either 1 or 4 random winners!!! Get on the Discord for full details!!

All of the details are in the giveaway channel in my Discord. Giveaway deadline is January 17, 2019.

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12 thoughts on “$700 Worth Of Tools Giveaway | 1000 Subscribers Or Not | 1 Year Anniversary”

  1. FBM – If my music loving friend from FBM sees this video I hope you see this comment as well. I was editing last night and I cut out the part were I thank you and I forgot to put it back in and I do apologize greatly. You hooked it up man and I just can't thank you enough. Everybody – The Cadillac pouches are valued at $100 each and FBM gave me $25 off each pouch so I paid $150 for them!! I can't thank FBM and my friend there enough for supporting the giveaway like that! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Those leather pouches would go good with my Scottish kilt and Scottish leather kilt belt with Scottish belt buckle and they would look good my Scottish money pouch that I wear in front of the kilt that I have for it

  3. This is such an awesome giveaway Chris. That is incredibly generous for you to be doing this for the subscribers. That cadillac looks really nice! I paid $20 for the crappy tool belt I use now lol. That cadillac is in a completely different league!

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