#70: "LEAD LIGHTNING: What's included? How do you promote it?" | PLS Tips with Manny

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This week’s topic: “LEAD LIGHTNING: What is it? How do you promote it?”

PLS Tips with Manny is BACK!!! Weekly FREE affiliate coaching for Power Lead System members to maximize your team’s results! Learn unique aspects of online marketing focusing on Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Video Marketing and offline strategy using local networking events!

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8 thoughts on “#70: "LEAD LIGHTNING: What's included? How do you promote it?" | PLS Tips with Manny”

  1. Love your, take on Lead Lightning , I'm going to join, been watching, and comparing, everyone's video's like yours. I'm convinced. My money is funny, but can't beat $7.00, and a done for you, system. I can't wait, I've communicated with some people using it. Their video's were nice also. My Dream is to work for me, not working, going to upgrade, soon as I can. The way you explain, Lead Lightning was, clear and perfect. Good job! Thanks1

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