7 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for Voice Search

7 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for Voice Search ✅Read about it here ➜ http://bit.ly/2BGFrBOGoDaddy

01:23 – Step #1: Audit your current efforts
01:42 – Step #2: Consider position zero
02:23 – Step #3: Optimize for “near me” searches
03:31 – Step #4: Consider your online reputation
04:16 – Step #5: Train your staff for the shift
04:37 – Step #6: Get found using plain and simple language
05:17 – Step #7: Keep your content relevant

Voice search and SEO has been one of the most controversial topics in the SEO world since 2016. While stats show that voice search is growing quickly (specifically, with the adoption of smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo), it is still in the early stages of innovation and adoption. All we know for certain is that people mainly use voice search to look for local content and information.

That being said, optimizing your website for voice search will not be easy, and it might require some serious head-scratching, but it is absolutely worth it. Getting on board with voice search will take some prepping, so check out these seven steps:

1) Audit your current efforts – Take some time to brainstorm and come up with keywords that are relevant to your business; don’t worry as much about keywords that don’t provide good business value in the beginning. The idea isn’t to make sweeping changes but to be aware that voice search is important and evaluate your current content in that context.

2) Consider position zero for small businesses – Position zero, also called featured snippets or answer boxes in Google, refers to the block of text at the very top of a search results page, and it answers your search query.

3) Optimize for “near me” searches – For local businesses, optimizing “near me” search terms is a no-brainer for voice search. Everyone is looking for a “coffee shop near me” or a “car mechanic near me” and having these kinds of search terms optimized in your content will help you show up when people are looking.

4) Consider your online reputation – Just like a poor online reputation can affect regular search rankings, it can also affect your voice search rankings. Make sure that your business is highly regarded online and has positive reviews and testimonials on your website and other sites. If you have a Google My Business listing (which you should for a local business), it’s essential to have at least 4 stars and preferably 5 stars.

5) Train your staff for the shift – Your staff should be trained for any changes in the business landscape, but it’s still worth mentioning to ensure they are ready and everyone is on the same page. Make sure content creators, account managers and anyone else who might be involved with voice search directly or indirectly, understand what it is and why it is crucial.

6) Get found using plain and simple language – One of the most important elements of getting ready for voice search is using the same type of language and phrasing that people use when they speak. When posing a search query via voice search, most people use the most simple and direct words possible.

7) Make your content relevant – It’s also important to produce content that is relevant to the people you want to find it and to voice search queries you want to rank for. Don’t just create general topic content that tries to appeal to everyone. Keep the content targeted and relevant and you likely will be rewarded with higher rankings in SERPs, and you’ll gain more traction in the growing voice search universe.

Google, Amazon, Apple, and other companies invest heavily in personal assistants and are adamant about continuing to hone the technology of voice search. Business owners and digital marketers should face the inevitable truth: Easier and more convenient than typed-out searches, voice search is bound to prevail, just as mobile search gradually surpassed desktop search.
Voice search is here to stay. It is important that we pay attention and research voice search and SEO. The sooner we start doing so, the better because voice search is the new big deal.
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