6 Ways to Run the Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign

6 Ways to Run the Most Successful Kickstarter Campaign
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Hey, what’s up? So, in this video, you’re going to be learning how to have a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.
Now, before you jump the gun and you think about, “Oh, my god! This amazing opportunity to go on Kickstarter, to go Indiegogo,” I just want you to pause for a second.
Now, I think it’s a game-changer. I think crowdfunding has completely revolutionized the way we do business. The days are gone where the only resources for a capital are banks. And right now, it’s all about spreading your message and connecting with your clients before your product even comes out.
However, it’s not that simple. It’s not as simple as, “Hey, I put a video on Kickstarter or Indiegogo,” and poof! I have more than a quarter million dollars in crowdfunding. There’s a science behind this. This science is called marketing, product fit and having the right message.
So I’ve summarized the key points that I think it takes to actually succeed in any crowdfunding campaigns. This information doesn’t come from me. [Inaudible 00:00:57] has raised more than $20-million in crowdfunding. But these guys have been in the background working with the who’s who.
I’ve done my own Kickstarter for a fashion. I’ve been behind the scenes for a couple of them. I can tell you what. If you don’t follow these steps, you won’t succeed.
So step one, think ahead. You just can’t pop a video up and hope for the best. Most successful Kickstarters, the thought process starts about six months ahead because you have to know your end game. The end game is what do we want to accomplish with this Kickstarter? If we want to raise, for example, 100k – and I highly recommend if your goal isn’t to raise at least 100k, it’s not worth it because it’s a lot of effort.
People think Kickstarters are easy. It’s not. It’s a full time job that you have to do plus you need at least two, three other staff members for you to really have a successful Kickstarter.
However, on the flipside, even if you don’t raise 100k, it is the best learning curve possible to run a business. It teaches you about marketing, it teaches you about positioning, it teaches you about growth hacking, it teaches you about every single, minute detail that it takes to run a business.
So the first thing is plan ahead six months. What do you need to plan? You need to plan out exactly where do you want to go with that Kickstarter? What is your end goal with that Kickstarter? How you’re actually going to execute this Kickstarter? Which team members do you need on the Kickstarter?
For example, the most successful Kickstarters I’ve seen, and even my own personal experience, you need two full-time staff members. Most likely, the best option, financially speaking, is virtual assistants.
But remember, these assistants need orders from you. They don’t know what to do. So you have to do your homework. You have to tell them, “This is our daily task, or weekly task or monthly task.” And usually, what we have assistance for is this, it ties in to number two.
The name of the game is getting your message out there in front of the right people – not the wrong people. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have. It doesn’t matter where you’re featured. The best way I can say it is the right place to get featured.
So if I have, for example, a tech company, it makes no sense for my Kickstarter to be featured on a food blog. Do you see what I mean?
So what you need to do is you can go on Google. This is what your assistants do. They go on Google and they start sourcing journalists who have written similar topics about your Indiegogo. So a journalist – and let’s just keep it tech – journalists who have written about tech, journalists who have mentioned tech, journalists who are featured on tech websites, et cetera, et cetera.
Next thing you want to do is the next set of journalists, journalists who have written about crowdfunding, who have written about Kickstarter, who have written about Indiegogo. Your whole plan is to accumulate, I would say, hundreds and hundreds of names of these journalists. And this is why it is six months ahead. It takes time.
Second step is after you have the journalists, you want to befriend them. You’re not just going to send them cold e-mails. Come on! Think about that. What you want to do is get their Twitter profile, get their Facebook profile, get any social media profile they have and start messaging them.

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  1. I need to build a place for my Healing Center Health Spa and hoping that I will get the funds for it. I thought people would come into it and decide if they want to give some cash towards it. I didn't know I had to go out and drum up business. What is that purpose of having kick start unless they come in and decide to give you the funds. Anyone wants to help me out on this?

  2. thank you Ameer, thank you so much , i am developing a re-design glasses and have made pro-type and patent, thinking about crowdfunding now , your word just open my mind, that is really what I need ! great video. and i contact for further discussion?

  3. that is a nice good simple way of putting it for anyone who does not have an idea on what is it like and it sure helps give the feeling and size of what people should prepare for when they start a page on indi or kickstarter , nayways nice vid wish you luck and do your best every one

  4. Great tips Ameer. Will pass on to buddy start-ups. Appreciate the scientific approach, that will provide focus for my KS project. I think you set a dynamic when you mentioned getting 20,000 contacts! I am hoping to fund disruptive technology for the wine industry.

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