6 Figure – PT Fitness Business – Video 2 – FREE Coaching Online Business

6 Figure – PT Fitness Business – Video 2 – FREE Coaching Online Business

VIDEO ONE – https://youtu.be/k5cA5n9v3oU
VIDEO TWO – https://youtu.be/w2GhOem0PCU
VIDEO THREE – https://youtu.be/oGPLisC8Uew
VIDEO FOUR – https://youtu.be/uExMtGAswVg

This is some quick knowledge bombs, no BS training, that I know a majority of trainers fail to action or don’t action 100%.

To be honest, When I first started Personal Training, I had no clue what the hell I was doing. I was making peanuts, was chasing my tail, had a client for few sessions then they disappeared and was on the verge of becoming a statistic of quitting within the first 4 months of graduating.

Like many trainers in my position at the time, you start making excuses about why you’re not making bank, why clients are not flocking to your promos, excuses that the gym has too many trainers or how your being robbed of clients as the gym offer classes.

Before you give up completely, lets fix a few things which I know can immediately turn your business around.

What helped me was to simplify what I was offering.
-So the first element of this was to change my pricing.
-I then added extreme value, to included a lot so that the perceived value was a monster.
-Along with this change I no longer did, 45 or 60-minute sessions. 30-minute sessions ONLY OFFERED.

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