5 Signs you have a Useless Website (and how to fix it)

Is your website working for you or is it simply a useless glorified online brochure?

If you’ve spent money building a website that is not driving any customers to your business then you might want to run this quick audit check to figure out where you are going wrong.

In this video, I show you 5 key signs that will help you identify if your website is useless and what you can do about it to fix it.

Sign n#1
Does your website get any visitors? 1:40

Sign n#2
Is your website ranking for any keyword? 3:08

Sign n#3
Is your website content good enough? 4:52

Sign n#4
Is your website mobile friendly? 6:3

Sign n#5
Is your website fast enough? 7:55

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Google Analytics

Keyword ranking tool


Google page speed insights tool

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21 thoughts on “5 Signs you have a Useless Website (and how to fix it)”

  1. A question a bit far from the topic , i have a difficulty to get reviews from IOS users , i followed you guidance to send the review link as per location , it worked very well with the Android users, it opened smoothly and directs them to the review page , however its not the case with IOS users .Do you have a trick or a hack as we used to hear from the magician ? Thank you

  2. Hi Luc, well done. Here's a comment and a couple of questions. I believe I'm doing well on items 1 -4 in your video, however on # 5, my mobile speed isn't great. I use GoDaddy for hosting, and use their template. I've never written code, and like the security of an in-house system. GoDaddy initially states the site is great, and loads like a charm. When I ask them to go to "Page Speed Insights", they suddenly claim I have too much content. Do you feel I have too much content? I'd post a link, however don't want to appear Spamy. Second, GoDaddy hesitantly claims my website is cumulative for loading speed. By this, they're saying 6 pages each with a video from Youtube embedded, and the quantity of text typed in is too much content. I see page speed insights asks for each page independently, and some of my pages load better than others. Do you know with certainty if the cumulative quantity of content across the various pages is in fact slowing down each individual page? Lastly, if you were to say, "Delfino, it's time for you to let go of GoDaddy", do you know of a Template type system (again I don't write code) with a better track record for loading time on mobile platforms? Thanks for your help, Delfino

  3. excellent job! your videos make me feel like I have my own seo department. much appreciated! i am eager to hear your thoughts on google site kit. together, we can help google and facebook take over the world.

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